Fort McCoy News May 24, 2013

Combatives/multipurpose training facility established

Public Affairs Staff

A combatives/multipurpose indoor training facility has been re-established in the installation's 600 block to provide Soldiers or other servicemembers with a dedicated facility.

Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) U.S. Army Garrison Fort McCoy personnel were directed by the Fort McCoy Command Group to re-establish and coordinate the use of the structure, which will be called the Army Physical Fitness Readiness Training/Combatives Facility.

PHOTO for combatives article
Participants in the 2013 Combined Best Warrior Competition, co-hosted
by the 416th Theater Engineer Command of Darien, Ill., and the 88th
Regional Support Command, headquartered at Fort McCoy, compete
in a combatives training event in the newly renovated Army Physical
Fitness Readiness Training/Combatives Facility at Fort McCoy.

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1st Sgt. Justin Maloney of HHC U.S. Army Garrison Fort McCoy said the facility will be available to units needing to conduct combatives training or for special events that include combatives training, such as the Best Warrior competitions.

Maloney said the facility had been used as a combatives facility by Regional Training Site-Central.

When the organization was inactivated, the facility was closed, and the equipment, such as the floor mats, was moved out of the building.

"Having a facility dedicated to combatives allows the equipment to remain set up," Maloney said. "We also control access to the building, which allows us to better coordinate renovations and moving other equipment and materials into the building."

Organizations using the facility also will benefit because they only will have to deal with one organization instead of several organizations to reserve the building for their use, Maloney said.

Jeff Utesch, Rumpel Fitness Center manager, said prior to the facility re-opening combatives training was held at the gym.

The number of people involved in the events or training, such as for the Best Warrior competitions, meant that a large section of the fitness center gym, often the volleyball courts, was closed.

"With the facility to support combatives, that will help us to better serve the other units that need to use the gym or allow us to provide more floor space to support the physical fitness needs of our other authorized patrons," Utesch said.

Maloney said the 600 block is an ideal location to host events because adequate parking is available.

Because the west side of the cantonment area often is crowded hosting training units, locating the facility on the east side of the cantonment area helps relieve traffic and pedestrian congestion, he said.

Maloney said the facility can support multiple physical fitness initiatives, such as pushups and sit-ups for the Army Physical Readiness Training (APRT).

Expeditionary Support Commands also can conduct physical fitness training at this location.

The units teach Soldiers about proper nutrition, physical training techniques, etc., to help them meet Army height and weight and APRT standards, he said.

"We're happy to help support this facility because it will support training and may help to attract more units and personnel to the installation to conduct their training," Maloney said.

To schedule the facility, call HHC at 608-388-8694.