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                                                                     NOVEMBER 14, 2008 


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Photo: Employees from Murillo Modular group of Texas work on the new Child Development Center at Fort McCoy. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Photo: An Air Force medic inspects the identification bracelet of a “detainee” while another medic documents the information to ensure the detainee receives appropriate medical care. (Tom Michele)

Construction underway on new Child Development Center

The new Fort McCoy Child Development Center is taking shape as the company awarded the project quickly moved the modular sections into place. 
(Story, photos.)



181st Infantry Brigade teaching combat medics skills 

Wounded Soldiers count on combat medics having the skills to negotiate a battlefield, reaching them and patching them up or pulling them out of harm’s way. Their lives could depend on it. 
(Story, photos.)



Photo: Kevin Herman addresses personnel attending a Family Readiness Group training session at Fort McCoy. (Photo by Tom Michele)


FRG helps deployed Soldiers focus on military mission

The Family Readiness Group at Fort McCoy and at every unit in the U.S. Army is in place and functioning so deployed Soldiers can focus on their military mission and not worry about the trials and tribulations their families are going through at home. (Story, photo.)
Photo: ChalleNGE Academy cadets at Fort McCoy fill a sandbag, one of many used to support training needs at Fort McCoy. (Photo contributed by ChalleNGe Academy)


ChalleNGe Academy cadets fill 250,000 sandbags over past 10 years

Cadets in the Wisconsin National Guard ChalleNGe Academy reached the milestone of filling 250,000 sandbags, which not only fosters a sense of being good citizens, but also provides valuable support to Fort McCoy’s training mission, said Peter Blum. (Story, photo.)
Photo: Fort McCoy Fire Department personnel prepare to 'fight' a structural fire in a housing structure scheduled for demolition. (Photo by Rob Schuette)


Fire Department personnel battle planned structure fire

Tear down/removal of old housing on Fort McCoy provided an ideal opportunity for the Fort McCoy Fire Department firefighters to practice their firefighting skills. 
(Story, photos.)

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