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                                                                     AUGUST 8, 2008 


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Photo: Soldiers from Company A, 48th Brigade Special Troops Battalion wait to board a landing UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter during exercise Patriot ’08 at Fort McCoy. ( Photo by Staff Sgt. Jon Soucy)

Photo: Soldiers watch and listen to a debriefer at the Fort McCoy Soldier Readiness Center. The Soldiers had just returned from an overseas deployment. (Photo by Tom Michele)

Patriot ’08 exercise promotes joint Army, Air Guard training

This airlift mission was just one part of Patriot ’08, a National Guard-sponsored training exercise that brought together Army and Air National Guard elements, active-duty and reserve units, and Canadian, British and Dutch forces. 
(Story, photo.)


Soldier Readiness Center maximizes servicemembers’ time

Trudging through the stereotypical paperwork jungle is the way Soldiers spend the first two days of the mobilization process at Fort McCoy at the Soldier Readiness Center, but it is not a waste of precious time and effort. (Story, photo.)

Photo: Soldiers with the British Army’s 4th Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, head out on a foot patrol during Patriot ’08 at Fort McCoy. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Jon Soucy)


British soldiers join forces 
Georgia National Guard 
at McCoy

During exercise Patriot ’08, a variety of uniforms were worn by those taking part in the exercise.   (Story, photo.)

Photo: Soldiers from the 377th Military Police Company of Cincinnati, Ohio, pull security around  a Humvee before entering a Mobile Urban Training Site village. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Jonna Bennett)

Soldiers train to support other personnel in Patriot Warrior ’08

One focus of Operation Patriot Warrior is to bring as much realism to training as possible by replicating the environment of an operational base near a combat zone. (Story, photo.)


Photo: Sgt. Curtis Perkins directs traffic across an Improved Ribbon Bridge constructed by the 739th Engineer Brigade during Patriot Warrior 2009. (Photo by Val Hyde)

New unit brought in to organize, direct engineer assets for exercise

With all the missions, training and role-playing during Patriot Warrior, a unit was brought in to organize and direct the engineer units involved. The unit is the 372nd Engineer Brigade. (Story, photo.)


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