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                                                                     April 25, 2008 


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Photo: A Flail robot flails the dirt during a robotics training scenario at Fort McCoy. The robotic lead trainer, Tracy Hedrick (to the right, background), provides guidance to a Soldier about the procedures. (Photo by Tom Michele)


Photo: Spc. Ryan Magee monitors the process of the Raven during a Fort McCoy training scenario. Magee is from Company C, 201st Engineer Battalion of the Kentucky Army National Guard. (Photo by Tom Michele)

Robots used to combat 
enemy explosives

Robots taking the brunt of enemy explosive devices instead of Soldiers being killed or wounded was the focus of recent robotics training at Fort McCoy. (Story, photos.)




Raven provides bird's-eye 
view for ground troops

A set of Soldier's eyes focused on the skyline. Soaring high and silently up to several thousand feet above the ground. Soaring for nearly an hour. Soaring away from the control box in the hands of a Soldier in a safe location. It is all of the above for the Soldier using the U.S. Army's Raven small unmanned aerial vehicle.  (Story, photos.)





Photo: Students in a Regional Training Site-Maintenance Vehicle Recovery Class train on the proper procedures to right an overturned vehicle at the Vehicle Recovery Site at Fort McCoy. (File photo)

RTS-Maintenance to support Army OPW rotations

Regional Training Site-Maintenance personnel at Fort McCoy will provide wheeled recovery and battle damage assessment and repair training to Army Reserve Soldiers participating in Operation Platinum Wrench at Fort McCoy and Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif., this year. 
(Story, photo.)



Photo: Fort McCoy Fisheries Program personnel conduct surveys at the North Flowage to help determine the number of fish in the body of water. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

McCoy fishing season 
opens Saturday, May 3

The Fort McCoy fishing season will begin Saturday, May 3. This also is the beginning of the Wisconsin general inland waters season, which runs concurrently with Fort McCoy's fishing season. 
(Story, photos, sidebar.)




Photo: Capt. Rick Jackson conducts a seat-belt compliance check at Fort McCoy. Random checks will be held throughout the summer. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Seat-belt compliance checks to continue throughout summer

The Fort McCoy Police Department conducted the first in a series of  random, spot seat-belt compliance and other safety checks April 16. The checks will continue throughout the summer.
(Story, photo.)





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