APRIL 23, 2010 



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PHOTO:A Multiple Launch Rocket System  rocket is fired from a launcher at Fort McCoy’s Warrens Drop Zone. The 2nd Battalion, 18th Field Artillery Regiment, 75th Fires Brigade from Fort Sill, Okla., conducted live-fire maneuver training at McCoy with inert warheads.Photo by Tom Michele Oklahoma artillery unit trains with MLRS at McCoy

The sounds of rockets and engines reverberated in the early morning hours, but the noise was not echoing off the Oklahoma Mountain ranges as normal. Instead the echoes rang over the Wisconsin countryside.
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PHOTO: Spc. Robert Anderson works to assemble transcripts of his Army schooling using a computer at the Mobilization Soldier Computer Center. Photo by Tom Michele

Computer Center helps mobilized Soldiers stay in touch

The Fort McCoy Mobilization Soldier Computer Center is an important asset for mobilizing and demobilizing Soldiers during their stay at Fort McCoy.
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PHOTO:Specialists Samantha Myers, left, and Jennifer Athey, check some of the mail they were just given by Fort McCoy Mobilization Mailroom Mail Clerks Mark Cayer, third from left, and Dave Helgesen. Photo by Tom Michele mobilization Mailroom delivers news from home

Even in the age of e-mail, Soldiers still look forward to the pleasure of receiving correspondence through the “regular” mail, which has brought cards, letters and packages to the troops throughout the years.
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PHOTO: A brown trout that was caught in Fort McCoy waters by Trenton Wilder earlier this month during the early catch-and-release trout season was tagged. Tagging helps installation Fisheries Program personnel track the installation’s fish population.Contributed photo General inland fishing season begins May 1
at Fort McCoy

The Fort McCoy fishing season begins Saturday, May 1, and runs concurrent with the Wisconsin general inland fishing season.
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Lt. Gen Rick Lynch, Commanding General, Installation Management Command Defender 6 Sends: ResiliencY

Lt. Gen Rick Lynch, Commanding General, Installation Management Command addresses resiliency.
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