Fort McCoy News February 9, 2018

Directorate of Emergency Services offers advice

to keep property safe, secure year-round

The security of government and personal property is a year-round responsibility.

Security is everyone's responsibility, said Mark Reaves, Physical Security Office chief with DES.

Below are a few safety tips that work hand in hand with the commander's crime-prevention program.

Protecting vehicles

• Never leave a vehicle running.

• Never leave keys in the car or ignition, even inside a locked garage.

• Install a vehicle alarm or mechanical lock for the steering wheel or ignition. Always activate any auto alarms or anti-theft devices.

• Always lock the doors and leave the windows rolled up.

• Do not leave money, checkbook, or credit cards in the vehicle at any time.

• Keep books, CD or MP3 players, and any other valuables out of sight. Expensive items in full view invite theft even if the vehicle is locked. Don't advertise the types of equipment in a vehicle.

• Always park in a high-traffic, well-lighted area, if possible

Bicycle thefts

• Keep bicycles locked at all time when unattended by using a u-shaped lock or cable.

• Use an engraver to place identifying marks on an unpainted or major part of the bicycle. Be able to identify a bicycle by more than color and features. Take a picture of the bicycle and of the serial number and keep it in a safe place.

• Register bicycles with the department of public safety and or a local police station.

Office thefts

• Do not leave high-value items in plain sight and unattended. Place all valuable item in drawers that can be locked.

• Don't leave a purse or wallet in the bottom drawer as it's a common storage spot.

Vacation tips

Burglars look for occupancy cues like outdoor lights burning 24 hours a day, piled-up newspapers, or advertising fliers hanging on the door knob. Use an inexpensive light timer when away, and ask a neighbor to keep the front of the home clean of papers and debris.

Burglars know to look for the hidden door key near the front entrance. Don't hide spare keys under rocks, in flowerpots, or above door ledges. Instead, give the spare key to a trusted neighbor.

Burglars prefer to enter through unlocked doors or windows. Sliding windows that are not secure can be seen from distance.

Don't leave telephone answering machine messages indicating the Family is away from the home for vacation. Burglars love to hear that they have plenty of time to break in and ransack the home.

For more information about physical security at Fort McCoy, call 608-388-3794. For more information about crime prevention, visit

   (Article prepared by the Fort McCoy Directorate of Emergency Services.)