Fort McCoy News May 10, 2013

South Post consolidated warehouse project approved

A new, consolidated warehouse facility has been approved for construction and will serve Soldiers and Families living in the Fort McCoy South Post Family Housing Area.

Sherry Oslie, Fort McCoy Housing Management specialist, said the new facility will consolidate the contents of several facilities into one convenient, modern location for current and future South Post Family Housing residents.

Platt Construction Inc. of Franklin, Wis., has been awarded the contract for the $385,000, 4,800 square-foot facility. Directorate of Public Works personnel handled the design and secured funding of the new facility, Oslie said. Completion of the facility is expected in the fall time frame.

The new facility will include storage for supplies, appliances and a self-help center to help residents maintain their housing in top shape.

"The facility also will have a loading dock to help with the delivery of larger items, such as appliances," Oslie said. "Having everything in one facility will give us better inventory control and help us better serve our customers."

The facility will be located between Patriot Park and the recycling center.

Access to the warehouse is limited to South Post Family Housing residents.

Ross O'Neil, chief of the Fort McCoy Housing Division, said the construction of 56 new housing units set for the 2014 fiscal year remains on schedule.

The design of the project is moving forward. Congressional approval still will be required to fund the construction.

More information about the project time line is expected to be available later this summer, he said.

For more information about the new warehouse, warehouse services or housing construction, call 608-388-3906.