Fort McCoy News May 10, 2013

Fixed-site simulation medical training available

Regional Training Site (RTS)-Medical Fort McCoy now is offering fixed-site simulation medical training to Army Reserve Soldiers.
Gerry Meyer, RTS-Medical administrative/executive officer, said the organization also will continue to offer field medical training to Army Reserve Soldiers through the Deployable Medical Systems (DEPMEDS) configuration.

"The new fixed-site training set-up allows us to provide the training Army Reserve medical Soldiers need for fixed medical facilities," Meyer said. "Along with our training capability to offer field medical training, this will improve their capability to conduct any medical mission they receive."

Photo for RTS-Medical article
A view of the operating room in the fixed-site simulation medical training area where medical Soldiers can train on medical support procedures. Photo by Rob Schuette

Col. Brad Richardson, RTS-Medical McCoy director, said, "To offer this type of medical simulation training to all medical forces here enhances the Fort McCoy legend as a premier enabler to all of the Department of Defense warfighers that is not offered elsewhere."

Marcie Klatt, the contracted clinical training manager for RTS-Medical McCoy, said the new fixed-site training capability evolved from the fixed medical sites used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Units serving in those theaters often were assigned to fixed facilities and pre-positioned equipment, eliminating the need to transport their own equipment to the theater.

Units can choose to go through the entire fixed-site medical training scenario, which includes operating room training and patient care training in an Intensive Care Unit/Ward setting. The set up also includes training opportunities for specialty medical services.

Medical units also can choose to accomplish limited medical training, which can be completed in a weekend training session, such as a combat lifesaver course, Klatt said.

Meyer said the addition of fixed-site medical training to DEPMEDS training also will help the organization better achieve its goal to offer year-round medical training opportunities.

The organization also is in the process of adding simulation classrooms to its classroom facility for expanded simulation training opportunities for Soldiers serving in fixed medical sites, he said.

Klatt said the fixed field training scenario was modeled after a concept developed in Great Britain and refined from battlefield lessons.

RTS-Medical has worked with community partners such as Mayo Clinic to help facilitate a much-higher level of medical training.

"It also allows us to take care of all the medical training needs of Army Reserve medical units, including those low-density fields like X-ray, laboratory and dental," Klatt said.

Meyer said, in the past, Soldiers who required this training through RTS-Medical McCoy were sent to the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center, which was the nearest medical location that could support the training.

The new RTS-Medical setup positions the organization to meet the directives for Army Reserve Soldiers set by Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Talley, chief, Army Reserve, to be operational and ready to go to fulfill all missions, Meyer said.

Talley's strategic and operational priorities include fostering a culture of cost management; getting back to the basics of shoot, move and communicate; emphasizing technical-skills training in tactical environments; having defined Soldier and leader readiness programs; and developing ties with Army components at all levels.

With the new fixed-site medical training set up, Klatt said commanders can tailor the training to meet their units' requirements throughout the Army Force Generation cycle to prepare them for possible or potential deployments.

This can include weekend training, extended combat training and exercise training sessions, she said.

For more information about RTS-Medical McCoy training opportunities visit the Fort McCoy Extranet website at, which will require the use of a common access card and common access card reader. From there, visit the Army Training Requirements and Resources System site, school code 930F, or call 608-388-2544.