Fort McCoy News May 10, 2013

Civilian personnel records now available online

Federal civilian appropriated fund (AF) employees and nonappropriated Fund (NAF) employees in the Fort McCoy work force now can keep track of their government personnel records and achievements online.

The Department of the Army recently completed transfer of official personnel files (OPFs) from paper records to an electronic OPF (eOPF) version.

The eOPF system contains and manages personnel documents in a secure environment while allowing employees to have immediate access and the capability to search for documents located in their OPFs.

Jim Pattison, Deputy Director of the Fort McCoy Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC), said the eOPFs for Fort McCoy AF and NAF employees are accessible through the CPOL site

Unlike the hard copy OPF documents, which were maintained at the Rock Island Civilian Personnel Processing Center for AF employees, and at Fort McCoy for NAF employees, an employee can access and view their eOPF by using a government computer with Common Access Card (CAC) capability.

All federal AF and NAF employees will benefit from having electronic access to their personnel records.

Pattison said employees immediately can verify their work history, for example.

This will allow employees to ensure their records are up-to-date if they are transferring to another agency, he said.

If that agency has converted to eOPF, employees can ensure their new organization has their current employment history.

If the agency an employee is going to doesn't have eOPF capabilities, employees can print a copy of their OPF before leaving as a backup to ensure their new agency has received the most up-to-date personnel records from their former organization, Pattison said.

Employees also can ensure they have credit and/or documentation for all of their eligible service which is critical for retirement pay calculations.

Anytime new personnel information is posted to the eOPF such as a Notification of Personnel Action, Designation of Beneficiary form, etc., the system will notify an employee via e-mail.

Pattison said this lets employees know the information is there and also allows them to verify it is correct.

E-mail notification can be done via government or personal e-mail accounts. However, the eOPFs only can be viewed or printed from a government computer.

Pattison said an eOPF help desk is available to handle questions and can be reached at 866-275-8518 or by sending e-mail to

In the Fort McCoy community, general questions about the eOPF system can be directed to 608-388-2722 or by sending an e-mail to