Fort McCoy News May 10, 2013

3rd quarter antiterrorism theme explained

The Army antiterrorism theme for the third quarter, fiscal year 2013 (3Q/FY13) focuses on the February update to the department's Antiterrorism Strategic Plan: "Burnishing the Steel" and the continuation of Armywide efforts to improve the defensive posture against terrorist threats. The purpose of the strategy is to adjust long-range planning to effectively anticipate continuing terrorism evolution and to build necessary protective action designed to prevent a successful terrorist event or attack.


Why is this important to the Army?

Terrorism will remain at the forefront of national security over the foreseeable future.

Recognizing that the terrorism threat has evolved, the Army's antiterrorism priorities and initiatives emphasize training, awareness, and coordination. The strategy articulates the vision of the antiterrorism program so that every organization, every unit, and every person understands their role and responsibilities within the Army community.


McCoy in antiterrorism Strategic Plan

Fort McCoy contributes to the Army's effort through its protection program, of which antiterrorism is a key component. Fort McCoy's Protection Working Group ensures that the threat is understood, postulated future threats are incorporated into planning, vulnerabilities to critical assets are identified and mitigated, and a robust-risk management process is developed, understood, promulgated, implemented, and refined and enhanced over time.

Key to the entire protection effort is training and awareness to ensure aggregate vigilance in Fort McCoy's outstanding human capital. This has been proven through suspicious activity reporting since Fort McCoy's implementation of the iWATCH program.

Members of the Army community can and do contribute to a feedback loop that identifies not only immediate threats, but also provides baseline information to share with outside entities to ensure the focus of preventing terrorist attacks is done efficiently and effectively from the top down and from the bottom up.

The strength of the Army community is its people.


Fort McCoy's future plan

The next antiterrorism awareness quarterly theme is the "Use of Social Media" to support antiterrorism education, awareness, and community outreach programs. Fort McCoy will fully implement the Army's intent with an aggressive awareness campaign during the upcoming Army Antiterrorism Awareness Month in August.

(Submitted by the Fort McCoy Antiterrorism Office.)