Fort McCoy News April 26, 2013

IMCOM conducting Privacy Act Campaign during May

During the month of May, the Installation Management Command (IMCOM) is conducting a Privacy Act Campaign to raise public awareness of the Department of Defense's (DoD) policy and commitment to detect, deter, and defend against accidental disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Privacy is important to everyone, especially when identity theft is rampant. Protecting Privacy Act records is the responsibility of every federal employee, military member and contractor who handles them. Personnel must ensure the security and confidentiality of records, protect against possible threats or hazards and permit access only to authorized persons.

DoD Regulation 5400.111-R, DoD Privacy Program, and Army Regulation 340-21, The Army Privacy Program, explain how to protect all records (paper and electronic). Additionally, the following link provides information on how to avoid identity theft:

PII is unique information about an individual that identifies, links, relates or is unique to, or describes him or her. Examples are: Social Security number (whole or in part), age, home address/phone number, birth date, marital status, race, etc. All DoD computer users need to familiarize themselves with identifying and protecting PII. All new DoD computer users are required to take PII training. This training can be found at:

When sending PII via e-mail from government computers always ensure an official need to do so exists and that the receiving addressees are authorized to receive it. E-mail messages must be encrypted and identified as "FOUO (For Official Use Only)" "Protected by Privacy Act" when prompted. Attachments that contain Privacy Act information must be designated FOUO, as well.

Any unauthorized disclosure of PII data must be reported immediately through the appropriate chain of command and to the Fort McCoy Privacy Act officer. Additionally, any lost, stolen or possibly compromised information must be reported to United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-Cert) at the website within one hour of the discovery. Direct questions concerning protecting and handling of PII in the Fort McCoy work force to Irma "Marie" McDonough, Fort McCoy Privacy Act officer, at 608-388-4222.

(Submitted by the Directorate of Human Resources.)