Fort McCoy News April 26, 2013

ECS-67 readies equipment for exercises

Public Affairs Staff

U.S. Army Reserve units participating in 2013 exercises at Fort McCoy beginning later this month will depend on the Equipment Training Site (ECS)-67 to provide much of the equipment used to support the training.

Chris Frick, the ECS-67 site manager, said the organization's military technicians and the VSE Corporation contracted work force have been working since late 2012 to ensure the equipment is ready for the training. The supported exercises include two Warrior Exercises (WAREX), a Combat Support Training Exercise (CSTX), the Essayons engineer exercise, the Diamond Saber personnel exercise, Global Medic and Red Dragon, a homeland security exercise.

PHOTO for ECS article
Jim Kinserdahl, a VSE Corporation mechanic at Equipment Concentration Site-67 at Fort McCoy, performs warranty work on a bulldozer.

ECS-67 provides a constant presence at Fort McCoy to ensure all Army Reserve maintenance needs are met during the training and helps ensure units can meet their training objectives, he said. The organization serves as a one-stop facility to handle equipment requests for Army Reserve units training at Fort McCoy.

"We ask for the type of equipment and numbers units need for the exercises based on their MTOE (Modified Table of Organization and Equipment) to ensure we can meet their requests," Frick said. "If we can't, it gives them a chance to secure the equipment through another avenue."

ECS-67 assists Army Reserve units with equipment maintenance needs and stores equipment to support units that train at Fort McCoy.

Frick said ECS-67 also has pre-positioned equipment to support all phases of the Army Force Generation cycle.

The pre-positioned equipment helps support units that may come from throughout the U.S. for training and reduces the amount of equipment units have to transport to Fort McCoy, he said.

Requested equipment depends on the type of units involved in an exercise, he said. Engineer units, for example, often require pavers, bull dozers, and other construction-type equipment, etc.

Other exercises, such as Diamond Saber, may request Humvees and light medium tactical vehicles.

Pre-mobilization training exercises, including WAREX and CSTX, may request cargo transport equipment, as well as forklifts for materiel handling, etc.

ECS-67 ensures the equipment is ready and validated for the training, and can be issued to a unit when it arrives, he said.
Frick said the military technicians performing maintenance on the equipment are required to belong to Reserve units. Many are members of the 86th Training Division. The 86th Training Division, which is headquartered at Fort McCoy, will coordinate a WAREX and a CSTX this year.

"It works well both ways for us to have personnel assigned to the units that will train here or support training for the exercises," Frick said. "It provides us with coordination with the units to help us meet their needs. The units benefit because they have ECS-67 personnel who understand how our system works."