Fort McCoy News April 12, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: U.S. Army Reserve Pay Center

(Editor's note: "SPOTLIGHT" is a continuing series about tenant activities and missions at Fort McCoy.)

What is it?

The U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) Pay Center (UPC) office at Fort McCoy provides financial services and pay support to USAR Soldiers. The UPC is responsible for approximately 180,000 USAR pay accounts in the continental United States, Puerto Rico and Germany. Additionally, staff members handle more than 14,000 mobilized accounts.

The UPC is responsible for ensuring pay is delivered accurately and on time for USAR Soldiers.

The UPC is under the command and control of the USAR Command (USARC), Deputy Chief of Staff G8, Pay Management Division at Fort Bragg, N.C.

The pay center includes the administration office and Reserve Pay Analysis Branch (RPAB) co-located in building 1913, and the Reserve Military Pay Branch (RMPB) in buildings 1932, 1951 and 2001.

PHOTO for UPC spotlight
Julie Geier of the Reserve Military Pay Branch verifies transmittal
lettersreceived from units are current and worked in a timely
manner. Pay teamsreview and process a wide variety of pay
transactions including active duty short and long tours, mobilization,
special pays, incentive pays, etc.
Photo by Theresa Fitzgerald

The RPAB aids in the development of all joint finance systems to ensure USAR needs are met.

This includes development and maintenance of USAR pay systems, procedures and policies in conjunction with the USARC Pay Management Division and coordination of staffing actions with the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, Department of the Army and USAR staff sections.

The branch participates in developing, maintaining and improving internal automated processes and systems and supports the Government Accounting Office, the Army Audit Agency, and external audits. RPAB assists Regional Support Command (RSC) pay technicians; defense military pay offices, deploying finance units and the RMPB section.

The office also responds to inspector general, congressional and presidential inquires.

The RMPB has six processing teams. Four teams support units processing battle assemblies, active-duty pay and entitlements.

This includes base pay, allowances, incentive pays, special pays and updating the master military pay account with administrative actions.

One team is dedicated to support the Selected Reserve Incentive Program.

It is responsible for establishing, paying and terminating non-prior and prior-service enlistment, re-enlistment, accession and affiliation bonuses.

The remaining team is responsible for processing Student Loan Repayment Program, Health Professional Loan Repayment, Chaplain Loan Repayment Program, incapacitation claims, and severance pay. The team also serves as the Ombudsman and pay-inquiry cell for mobilized USAR units and Soldiers deployed around the world.

What have they done?

Prior to 1993, the organization was known as the Reserve Component Pay Support Office (RCPSO) and was aligned under the garrison Directorate of Resource Management. The Fort McCoy office was one of five RCPSOs in the continental United States.

Established as the Reserve Pay Division in 1993, the Fort McCoy office assumed overall responsibility of the other four RCPSOs.

In 1995, RCPSOs reduced from five offices to two, Fort McCoy and Fort Riley, Kan. In 2002 command and control of the RCPSO realigned under USARC, eliminating the Fort Riley RCPSO and changing the name of the Fort McCoy location to Reserve Pay

Operations Center. In 2004, the name was changed to UPC and further created RPAB and RMPB.

The pay center annually processes more than 625,000 pay transactions.

What do they have planned?

The UPC plans to remain a center of excellence in Reserve Pay Processing and to continue the tradition of providing quality customer service.

The pay center will continue with on-going analysis of reserve pay processes and procedures, internal and external to the UPC, with focus on improved productivity, efficiency, accuracy, and timeliness.

The center will participate in the design, testing, fielding, implementation, and evaluation of a variety of local, Army and Department of Defense automated systems.

Why are they important?

The UPC is the primary USAR Troop Program Unit pay center and is the pay entitlement and administrative transaction experts.


For more information, call 608-388-5405/3275 (UPC Administration/RPAB office) or 608-388-2978 (RMPB Administration office).
Soldier in- and out-processing is conducted in building 1951.