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Fort McCoy News April 12, 2013

FEEA: Financial help for civilian employees

Federal civilian employees at Fort McCoy should be aware of the Federal Employee Education and Assistance (FEEA) program.

The program is similar to Army Emergency Relief (AER), but is aimed at civilian employees.

Dianne Sommers, Fort McCoy Army Community Service AER Officer, said FEEA provides no-interest loans of up to $1,000 to assist federal employees at Fort McCoy who have been employed by the federal government for at least one year.

Assistance is available for loss of income (including during the impending furloughs), death in an employee's immediate Family, leave without pay due to severe illness or Family member illness (employee must be back at work), Family breakup, separation or divorce, or major loss of property due to natural disaster (fire, flood and hurricanes.)

Medical emergency loans are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Although major medical emergencies usually are beyond the scope of FEEA, the program sometimes may be used to support items not included in health insurances, such as hearing aids or medical equipment needed to continue employment.

FEEA expects to keep its regular emergency assistance program in place through any potential furlough situation, according to a FEEA news release.

Employees still will need to meet the threshold of having trouble paying for basic living needs, such as rent/mortgage or utilities, and the maximum no-interest loan amount still will be $1,000. No furlough loans will be made until an employee actually receives a "short" pay check and meets the other loan criteria.

Information about the FEEA program and applications are available at the website

Additional information about furlough loan assistance will be posted to the site when known.

Donations can be made via credit card at the website

Anyone seeking FEEA loans will need to complete the regular Emergency Assistance application available at

Funds available through the FEEA program may be limited.

If necessary, due to high traffic such as in a furlough situation, requests may be prioritized.

For more information about other Financial Readiness programs available through ACS, call 608-388-3505.