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December 14, 2012


Financial Peace Military Edition to begin at McCoy Jan. 10

A 13-week session of Financial Peace Military Edition, produced by financial expert Dave Ramsey, will begin Thursday, Jan. 10 at 11:30 a.m., at the Chapel Center, building 2675, at Fort McCoy.

Garrison Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Allen Raub, who will serve as course facilitator, said each session will run from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m., and include a complimentary lunch.

Soldiers will have first priority to register for the training. Families and Department of the Army civilians then will be accepted as space permits. If necessary, names can be added to a waiting list for a future class. Attendees are requested to make a commitment to the training and are expected to show up each week and sign a class roster. Registration is requested by Friday, Jan. 4.

Financial Peace Military Edition is the military version of the Financial Peace University and is aimed at Soldiers and other military personnel. The training provides common-sense education and empowerment, which gives hope to everyone from the financially secure to the financially distressed, and offers many valuable lessons/information for non-military personnel as well.
Class attendees will learn the tools needed to deal with their financial situations and concerns. One of the goals of the training is for attendees who had debt when starting the course learn the financial information they need to become debt-free.

Among the topics covered in the course are saving techniques, debt reduction, credit bureaus and collection practices, insurance, bargain shopping, investments, planning for college and retirement and real estate and mortgages. The last session is a local offering about “Unleashing the Power of Generous Giving.” The lessons, part of a video series produced by Ramsey, help servicemembers develop a sound financial plan during times of activation, deployment, temporary duty or permanent change of stations.

Sgt. 1st Class Kevin Henderson of the 181st Infantry Brigade said he and his spouse attended the course earlier this year to learn more about their finances. He had wanted to take the course when he was deployed, but couldn’t, so the opportunity at Fort McCoy was excellent.

“People often create the misconception of what they want is what their parents had,” Henderson said. “What they don’t realize is it took their parents a lifetime of work to get to that position. So they need to be wise with their money, live within their means and later on they can decide whether to buy those things when they can afford them.”

Another important concept of the training was the part about charitable contributions and tithing to give something back, he said.

Karen Birkeness of Fort McCoy Multimedia/Visual-Information Branch was one of the attendees at the class held earlier this year in March. Birkeness said she attended the class to learn how to better manage money and prepare for retirement.

“The most important thing I learned was how to develop a cash-flow plan to ‘make my money behave’ rather than getting to tax time and wondering where it all went.” Birkeness said. “I would recommend this course to anyone who can attend because it teaches amazingly simple, yet highly effective financial principles and steps that can be applied at any stage of your life with great success.”

Pete Hodges of the installation Resource Management Office said he also attended the course earlier this year with his spouse.

“It helped us get on the same sheet of music, and, when your ideas are different, it helps teach you how to compromise,” Hodges said. “The course helps you revisit how to handle Family budgeting from investments, to life insurance to educational budgets for your children. It’s like an A-Z manual to help you develop a good Family budget.”

Another benefit of the course is to interact with the other people attending the course. Hodges said it helped him hear other people’s financial thoughts, their financial recommendations and experiences. Hodges said the course is good for everyone, no matter their level of financial expertise, and is held at a convenient time to attend over the lunch hour. The course also has a section about charitable giving, with a Christian background, he added.

Free materials to support the course will be provided at the first meeting Jan. 10. The kits feature military-specific questions and statistics, a downloadable audio library, budgeting forms and a course workbook.

Attaining a sound financial-readiness status can be a key to helping Soldiers focus on their mission, ensuring mission success and helping to eliminate a lot of the financial stress Soldiers face, Raub said.

To learn more about the course, visit the website www.daveramsey.com/military/get-started or call a Financial Peace Military adviser at 1-800-754-4211, ext. 5339.

To register or for more information in the Fort McCoy community, call the Religious Support Office at 608-388-3528 or send e-mail to eve.e.bean.civ@mail.mil.  

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