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December 11, 2009


Army personnel encouraged to
know force-protection measures

Ever since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, members of the Department of Defense (DoD) community, including military and civilian employees and family members, have been on a heightened sense of vigilance to help thwart potential terrorist attacks.

With the recent shootings at Fort Hood, Texas, Department of the Army leaders are re-emphasizing the importance of reviewing force-protection measures to help prevent and mitigate potential acts of violence, including workplace violence against servicemembers, civilians and/or family members and to help ensure their physical safety.

Everyone in the Fort McCoy community should know how to identify and report potential force-protection incidents, said Tom DesJardins of the Fort McCoy Anti-Terrorism Office.

Installation work force personnel should ensure they are up-to-date with their anti-terrorism awareness and security training, which are required on an annual basis.

More information about these topics can be found on the Fort McCoy Corporate Network.

Everyone in the federal community should know signs of the activities that may be indicators of potential terrorist threats or attacks.

The 10 key indicators of terrorist-associated insider threats to the Army are:
      • Advocating violence, the threat of violence, or use of force to achieve goals that are political, religious or ideological in nature;
      • Advocating support for international terrorist organizations or objectives;
      • Providing financial or other material support to a terrorist organization or to someone suspected of being a terrorist;
      • Association with or connections to known or suspected terrorists;
      • Repeated expression of hatred and intolerance of American society, culture, government, or principles of the U.S. Constitution;
      • Repeated browsing or visiting Internet Web sites that promote or advocate violence directed against the United States or U.S. Force, or that promote international terrorism or terrorist themes without official sanction in the performance of duties;
      • Expressing an obligation to engage in violence in support of international terrorism or inciting others to do the same;
      • Purchasing bomb-making materials or obtaining information about the construction of explosives;
      • Active attempts to encourage others to violate laws, disobey lawful orders or regulations, or disrupt military activities;
      • Family ties to known or suspected international terrorist or terrorist supporters.

Soldiers or civilians who become aware of such activities should report them to their supervisors or chains of command.

The Fort McCoy Directorate of Emergency Services Police Department coordinates first-line security efforts and law-enforcement response on the installation. These efforts include installation access-control procedures and random antiterrorism measures, such as the use of increased surveillance and civilian working dog searches at the entrance gates to protect the work force.

Everyone in the Fort McCoy community can help keep the installation safe by reporting suspicious activities on Fort McCoy to the Police Department by calling 608-388-2000 or to the local police force if an incident happens off post. All emergency situations should be reported to the nearest local 911 emergency number.

For more information about force- protection/anti-terrorism programs at Fort McCoy, people can call Force Protection Offices at 608-388-4719/5107.

Military personnel residing in military family housing on South Post should report suspicious activities to the Fort McCoy Police at 608-388-2000.

Woodridge Housing residents should report to the Tomah Police at 608-374-7400. Soldiers renting or who own their own homes should contact their local city or county police. Fort McCoy Family Housing provides residents with handbooks and verbal briefings with emergency contact information during their move into military housing.

The Fort McCoy Employee Assistance Program at 608-388-2441/5955/2315 can provide workplace violence prevention conflict resolution and stress management training to supervisors and employees.

(Compiled from information from the Fort McCoy Anti-Terrorism Office, Military Family Housing Office, Police Department and Employee Assistance Program.)


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