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December 11, 2009


McCoy receives $200K ACOE award

Fort McCoy recently received the $200,000 awarded as a result of its selection as a winner in the Most Improved category for the 2009 ACOE competition. Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM) policy establishes that award funds must be used to benefit the entire installation/community and the use must be consistent with the ACOE program intent of facilitating continuous improvement in installation management. Fort McCoy senior leaders soon will decide how the award monies will be spent within the ACSIM guidelines.

Fort McCoy was invited to join 25 other IMCOM garrisons in the 2010 ACOE Medal competition based on its 2009 Organizational Self-Assessment overall median score.

Fort McCoy submitted its application Aug. 19, 2009; however it was not one of the eight garrisons selected as a 2010 ACOE Medal competition finalist. Fort McCoy should receive its 2010 ACOE competition feedback report in December. The feedback will be analyzed to identify areas where improvements are needed.

The OSA is an online survey that employees complete to provide their perspective on the garrison’s strengths and weaknesses. Fort McCoy conducted the 2009 OSA in May. Because employee participation is critical to ensuring the validity of the results of the OSA, all garrison employees were asked to participate.

A record 380 employees, 117 more than the previous OSA, completed the survey resulting in a 47 percent participation rate by the garrison workforce. Garrison senior leaders use the OSA feedback to identify areas that require improvement (and then develop action plans to address those areas).

The OSA feedback report includes a garrison overall median score and a numerical score for each of the six categories. Each category’s numerical score can be translated into the Baldrige scoring bands of Not Evident, Beginning, Basically Effective, Mature, Advanced, and Role Model. Fort McCoy’s numerical score improved in all six categories. Additionally, the garrison moved up in scoring bands in four categories: improving from Basically Effective to Mature in Categories 1, 2, and 3 and from Beginning to Basically Effective in Category 5. Fort McCoy’s overall median score was 287. Typically, ACOE award winners score 300 to 360 total points and Baldrige Award winners score at least 380 points.

The next OSA tentatively is scheduled for the April-May 2010 timeframe. The Garrison Commander will host a Town Hall meeting for garrison employees in March to kick off the 2010 OSA process.

IMCOM will use the results of this OSA to determine which garrisons may compete in the 2011 ACOE Medal competition (Gold/Silver/Bronze).

The 2009 ACOE application and feedback report, 2009 OSA Feedback Report, and 2010 ACOE application are available along with other Quality Improvement items on the Fort McCoy Corporate Network under the Installation Management Section, Quality Improvement Web page.

Garrison employees also may contact Kathleen Peterson 608-388-2003 or Kathleen Rooker 608-388-4157 in the Plans, Analysis and Integration Office.


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