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 December 10, 2010


1940s-era clothing donations sought

Civilian employees played a pivotal role at Fort McCoy during World War II by performing various administrative duties.
PHOTOS: A view of a federal civilian office at Camp McCoy in the 1940s. History Center photo
A view of a federal civilian office at Camp McCoy in the 1940s. The Fort McCoy Public Affairs Office is seeking similar clothing to help design a period display in the Commemorative Area. (History Center photo)

To highlight this significant contribution, a period display is being designed in building 843, the administrative facility in the Commemorative Area.

Currently, the building contains desks, file cabinets and chairs from that era, but other office-type items are needed to make the scene look more realistic.

Of particular need are civilian clothes from that period. Five life-like mannequins, three female and two male, are on order to support this project.

“Veterans and Family members have been extremely generous with donating World War II military uniforms that we use throughout the Commemorative Area,” said Fort McCoy Public Affairs Officer Linda Fournier.

“We are asking that you comb your attics, basements, and other storage areas for 1940s-era civilian clothes that may be hiding there, and then consider donating these items,” Fournier said.

If you have clothing items that you would like to donate to the Fort McCoy Commemorative Area or would like more information, contact the Public Affairs Office at 608-388-2407.

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