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December 09, 2011


USA Staffing: DoD job application system will be implemented at McCoy in January

Anyone applying for federal civilian jobs in the Department of Defense (DoD) soon will have only one system, USA Staffing, to use for applying for vacant positions and checking the status of applications.

Briefing sessions held Nov. 29-30 allowed Fort McCoy employees to be introduced to the new system. Human Resource specialists from the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) at Fort McCoy presented the briefings.
PHOTO: Personnel from the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center at Fort McCoy introduced USA Staffing as the new job applications system software to members of the Fort McCoy work force. Photo by Rob Schuette
Personnel from the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center at Fort McCoy introduced USA Staffing as the new job applications system software to members of the Fort McCoy work force. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

The Army transition to USA Staffing began in 2010. CPAC Fort McCoy will be transitioning select activities in January 2012, and concluding the transition of all activities by March 2012. USA Staffing eliminates many of the stigmas associated with the prior system, Resumix, such as the use of buzzwords to determine an applicant’s qualification for a position.

USA Staffing is integrated with the USAJobs website allowing applicants to see any Department of Defense posting through the system.

The program also supports the Office of Personnel Management’s end-to-end hiring model.

Personnel applying for jobs through USA Staffing will notice several beneficial changes. The system supports up to five resumes, so applicants can tailor or customize their resume to fit a specific job opening rather than list all their job experiences on just one resume.

USA Staffing allows resumes to be added to the system in several ways. Resumes can be copied and pasted from Resumix, created in Microsoft Word and uploaded to the system, or created from scratch in the USA Staffing system.

Once uploaded, resumes can be attached to any job application.

USA Staffing requires supporting documents to be submitted at the time of application, (i.e. educational transcripts, certifications, licenses, Standard Form (SF)-50 (personnel actions, including employment information), DD Form 214 (for veterans preference consideration), etc).

If selected, applicants will be required to furnish the official versions of these documents prior to appointment. Once a document is uploaded into the system it can be attached to any application package when required in the announcement.

USA Staffing will use assessment questionnaires. Each question is related to knowledge, skills, abilities and competencies required for a position. Applicants must answer these questions or their applications will be eliminated from consideration for a specific job.

If applying for federal civilian vacancies over the next several months, applicants need to pay close attention to which system is being used to recruit for the vacancy — Resumix or USA Staffing — and be sure to carefully follow all instructions. Although Fort McCoy isn’t scheduled to launch USA Staffing until January 2012, several federal organizations in the area, including the Army Corps of Engineers, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, and the Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center, currently are using USA Staffing.

Applicants are encouraged to prepare as much of the information as possible before applying for a position. This would include taking time to create a strong resume, locating supporting documents and becoming familiar with the system. To begin this process, applicants should create a USAJobs account by going to the website www.usajobs.gov and clicking on “First-time Visitors,” the words “Creating an Account” and then following instructions.

An application manager account is required for some positions. This can be created by going to the website www.applicationmanager.gov, clicking on the words “Create an Account” and following the instructions.

For more information regarding USA Staffing visit https://www.dco.dod.mil, under Public Recordings titled, USA Staffing Brief for Employees.

Federal civilian job information is available at the website at www.usajobs.gov. For Army civilian jobs only go to the website www.armycivilianservice.com.

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