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December 09, 2011


Fitness Center offers fitness opportunities to meet all authorized patrons’ needs

Free fitness opportunities for authorized patrons seeking to improve or maintain their health, wellness or conditioning are available at Fort McCoy’s Rumpel Fitness Center, building 1122.
PHOTO: Julie Pressler, a Rumpel Fitness Center certified trainer, teaches a Zumba class. Photo by Rob Schuette
Julie Pressler, a Rumpel Fitness Center certified trainer, teaches a Zumba class. She also teaches Aqua Fit, Abs, Hydro Riders, and Body Blast classes, among others. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Adam Hangartner, Rumpel Fitness Center facility/program manager, said fitness center staff members, including three certified fitness trainers, are available to help patrons develop programs that meet their individual needs. The end of the mobilization mission also means the facility is less crowded.

“Our certified trainers are all currently certified and up to date on the latest trends in the fitness industry,” Hangartner said. “They each have their own specialty, but are willing to go out of their way to accommodate special requests.”

Patrons who need encouragement to start a fitness regimen and who want to use the holidays as a stepping stone to better health and wellness should consider participating in “Body Recall 2012.”

The program begins Jan. 2, 2012 and continues through March 1 at the Rumpel Fitness Center. Authorized patrons participate by attending a minimum of 24 fitness classes (an average of three per week) at the Rumpel Fitness Center between those dates. Participants can qualify for special Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation incentive prizes and a chance to win a $200 gift card.

Hangartner said interested people don’t have to wait until then to begin a fitness regimen. The fitness center has plenty of ongoing classes, exercise equipment and motivated staff members to get them started at any time.

“All of our instructors have one thing in common, and that is a passion and desire to provide fitness/health services for the Soldiers, Family members and civilians at Fort McCoy,” he said.

Fitness center staff members strive to help all of their customers meet their individual and unit goals, Hangartner said.

Units can request group physical fitness training sessions with fitness center instructors by directing reservations/requests to trainers or class instructors. Hangartner said the fitness center also has a program team that is available to set up intramural or sports programs. These requests/reservations can be made by calling 608-388-2290.

Instructors offer group classes that meet any fitness need. Hangartner said these classes include Zumba (dance), aqua fitness water aerobics, hydro riders (water cycling), body blast, cycling, swimming (coaching), abs (improving core and back functions), and Pilates.

Classes are offered in the mornings, during the noon hour and after work to fit customers’ schedules, he said. “Everyone is welcome to attend the classes no matter what fitness level they are at,” Hangartner said. “Our highly trained instructors are available to help patrons meet their fitness goals.”

The fitness center also has a cardio theater, free and machine weight rooms, a pool, gymnasium and stretching room. Available equipment includes treadmills and stationary and spin bikes for cardio workouts and free weights and Nautilus equipment for strength workouts.

In season or as the weather permits, the fitness center also provides outdoor fitness activities including clearly marked running routes, softball fields, a Fit Trail and volleyball and tennis courts.

Three staff members are certified fitness trainers who can provide instruction on the use of the equipment or help individuals just getting started with their exercise routines. The certified trainers are Julie Pressler, Kregg Koscal and Mary Patrek.

“The fitness center has something for everyone,” Hangartner said. “It’s free, it’s easy and it’s fun.”

For more information about fitness offerings and facility hours, call 608-388-2290 or visit the website www.mccoymwr.com.

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