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                                                                     NOVEMBER 28, 2008 


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Photo: Employees from Fowler and Hammer, Inc., of La Crosse, Wis., begin groundwork to construct a lane of the IED-Defeat Complex at Fort McCoy. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Photo: Soldiers train on the M-4 simulation setup at the Wisconsin Military Academy. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

IED-Defeat Complex to train Soldiers in real-world scenarios

Work is on track to have an Improvised Explosive Device-Defeat training complex completed by spring 2009 at Fort McCoy to serve all military personnel training at the installation. (Story, photo.)



WMA introduces new wireless, simulated M-4 weapon-firing training

Military personnel looking for an extra edge or hoping to refine their weapon-firing skills now have the option of going through the Wisconsin Military Academy Simulation Center at Fort McCoy for training. 
(Story, photos.)


Photo: Derrick Elder uses a laser temperature gun to test the exhaust temperature on a Humvee at the Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity. (Photo by Tom Michele)


IMMA ensures equipment 
ready for use

Truckloads of radio and electronic equipment, wheeled and tracked vehicles and a lot of small arms weapons go into the maintenance shop at Fort McCoy’s Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity. (Story, photos.)
Photo: The Mobilization Unit Inprocressing Center  staff concentrates on a presentation during a meeting at the MUIC facility at Fort McCoy. (File Photo)


Soldiers coordinate their needs with Fort McCoy's MUIC

Fort McCoy’s Mobilization Unit In-Processing Center is where Soldiers coordinate their transportation, billeting, food service, Soldier Readiness Processing schedule and issuance of individual and unit equipment needed while training at the installation and upon redeployment from theater. (Story, photo.)
Photo: Soldiers from the 342nd Chemical Company fire M-203 grenade launchers at a Fort McCoy range during training. (Photo by Rob Schuette)


Illinois unit begins predeployment cycle

Personnel from an Illinois Army Reserve chemical company used the first week of a split extended combat training/ premobilization training at Fort McCoy to become qualified in several weapons systems and conduct Soldier warrior task training. (Story, photos.)

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