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  November 25, 2011


Demobilizing units to process equipment through Fort McCoy

Military units that conducted mobilization training and deployed from Fort McCoy will have representatives at the installation to receive and unload containers of unit equipment used overseas.
PHOTO: A container of equipment is moved from a staging area to a Fort McCoy building. Photo by Rob Schuette
A container of equipment is moved from a staging area to a Fort McCoy building to support the 197th Fires Brigade reclaiming its equipment after a deployment to support Operation Enduring Freedom. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

D.J. Eckland, the Movements Branch chief of the Fort McCoy Directorate of Logistics Transportation Division, said equipment involved in the operations includes crew-served weapons, Mission Table of Organization and Equipment equipment, organizational clothing and individual equipment, and some larger pieces of equipment, such as forward repair systems, trailer-mounted generators and standard automotive tool sets.

First Army policy requires units that mobilized through Fort McCoy return to the installation to reclaim the equipment used during overseas tours, Eckland said. The units will conduct personnel demobilization at other installations because Fort McCoy’s troop mobilization mission has ended.

Members of the 197th Fires Brigade, an Army National Guard unit from New Hampshire, unloaded their equipment from containers at Fort McCoy in early November.

Eckland said other units will return to the installation to reclaim the equipment they used overseas.

PHOTO: Soldiers unload equipment used during their deployment. Photo by Rob  Schuette
Soldiers from the 197th Fires Brigade unload equipment used during their deployment to support Operation Enduring Freedom. Unit members, who conducted their demobilization elsewhere, will return to their home stations. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

The last units to leave Fort McCoy after mobilizing here were the 236th and 1022nd Engineer Companies in September.

“We will continue to support the redeployment of equipment deployed by units until next fall,” Eckland said. “The Transportation Division’s mission includes the support of container unstuffing, Strategic Air cargo redeployment flights into Volk Field, air shipment of equipment through Dover Air Force Base (Delaware) to Fort McCoy and movement of equipment from Fort McCoy to (units’) home stations.”

Fort McCoy’s Container Processing Center (CPC) will support each redeploying unit with facilities to conduct unstuffing operations, he said. The CPC will be equipped with material-handling equipment, tools and Transportation personnel who will assist and provide technical guidance as necessary.

Containers will be redeployed from the Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom theaters of operation via ocean transportation to Continental U.S. Sea Ports of Embarkation. Equipment and containers are transported by commercial truck from the sea ports to Fort McCoy.

Some redeployment of equipment and personnel to escort the equipment will arrive through Volk Field, Eckland said. Fort McCoy’s Arrival/Departure Airfield Control Group (A/DACG) is responsible for coordinating movement of equipment from Volk Field to Fort McCoy and the breaking down of Air Force pallets used to transport that material.

The CPC and A/DACG will coordinate with the freight office for the final movement of unit equipment from Fort McCoy to a unit’s home station, Eckland said.

“Our personnel will ensure the process to return equipment to a unit’s home station goes smoothly,” Eckland said. “We will continue to support their needs until they have the equipment back at their units.”

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