NOVEMBER 23, 2012 



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PHOTO: Medics practice applying field bandages. Photo by Spc. Jacquelin Slaughter
MP medics train at McCoy to fine-tune skills

As the sounds of gunfire and mortar round explosions filled the air, a small group of Reserve Soldiers rushed into a darkened room, only to be exposed to bright, strobe-like flashes that nearly blinded them.
(Story, photos.)
PHOTO: A view of the new Unmanned Aerial Site at North Post. Photo by Rob Schuette

Unmanned Aerial Site relocated to North Post

The Unmanned Aerial Site (UAS) landing and takeoff zone has been relocated to a North Post site to help eliminate air corridor concerns and to increase training opportunities.
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PHOTO: Guests at Fort McCoy’s Veterans Day Prayer Luncheon greet and thank retired Chaplain (Maj. Gen.) Cecil Richardson. Photo by Lou Ann M. Mittelstaedt
prayer luncheon celebrates veterans, power of prayer

A Veterans Day Prayer luncheon at Fort McCoy began with the national anthem performed a capella by Dana Tock.
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PHOTO: The South Post Housing Mayor a South Post town hall meeting. Photo by Rob Schuette
South Post town hall meeting supports community

Residents of Fort McCoy’s South Post Military Family Housing attended a Nov. 8 town hall meeting to get informational, community and event updates and to discuss ways to maintain and improve support to each other as a military community.
(Story, photo.)
PHOTO: Personnel with the Land Rehabilitation and Maintenance section remove woody debris. Photo by Geneve N. Mankel
ITAM program ensures long-term use of maneuver areas
Maneuver training areas cover the majority of Fort McCoy’s 46,000-plus acres of training land.
(Story, photos.)

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