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New IMCOM commander
shares views, priorities

By Dennis K. Bohannon, ACSIM/IMCOM Strategic Communications

PENTAGON, Washington D.C. – “Are we doing the right things? Are we doing things right? What are we missing?” are questions resonating through the mind of the new Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management (ACSIM), and Commanding General (CG) of the Installation Management Command (IMCOM).

Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch, “Defender Six,” was appointed the Department of the Army’s ACSIM and assumed command of IMCOM Nov. 2. However, he had already shared many of his views, priorities, and a lot of personality with both staffs during non-stop meetings and briefs over the preceding two weeks.

At the IMCOM Garrison Commander’s Conference in Baltimore, on his first full day in command, Lynch dove deeper into what he calls, “Asking the right questions.” The first fundamental question is “Are we doing the right things?” He said if an action fits within the Commander’s intent, the answer is likely “yes.” The second question is, “Are we doing things right?” He said we must increase efficiencies. “What are we missing?” He said, we need to periodically take a step back and think about what else we should be doing, that is not already being done.

Lynch said he is excited about joining ACSIM and IMCOM, “I’ve reaped the benefits of all the hard work … both at Fort Stewart and at Fort Hood,” where he previously commanded. But, he noted, he is a warrior. He is honored to wear the title of the ACSIM and CG IMCOM, but, the title he is most proud of is, “I am the husband of Sarah and the father of my children,” a proud title, he says, he will carry long after he retires from the Army.

He also titles himself “the family first general.”

A native of Ohio, his parents were blue-collar shift workers at his hometown paper mill. He went to work at the age of 13 and applied to West Point simply because he could not otherwise afford a college education.

After struggling through to a commission, he said, “All I wanted to do was command a battalion. I did that.” At first, he said, “… the Army was a job, then it became a profession, today it is a passion.”

“My passion is taking care of Soldiers and families,” Lynch said, adding Sarah, his wife of more than 27 years, shares that same passion.

“Sarah will travel everywhere I go. She will focus on families,” Lynch said. “I’m the commanding general. When we visit installations Sarah will get information I could never get,” Lynch explained. “She will be another set of eyes and ears. We will focus on fulfilling the Family Covenant. We will focus on the family,” he said.

“We spend too much time fixing broken Soldiers and families and not enough time giving them a break.” Lynch says his mission, his priority is all about balance, finding the right balance between work, family, health, and fun.

Lynch said, “The road to success is, one, surround yourself with confident people and delegate. Two, look down not up. Worry about those working for you, not catering to those above you. Three, never compete with sister units. Share best practices. Four, have fun.”

“Taking care of Soldiers and family, that’s my passion.”

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