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86th Training Brigade
standing up at McCoy

The 86th Training Brigade is standing up at Fort McCoy and has opportunities for enlisted, officer, and warrant officer personnel.

The unit’s primary mission is to assist with Warrior (WAREX) and Combat Support Training Center (CSTC) exercises in fiscal year (FY) 2010 and to host WAREX and CSTC, beginning in FY 2011.

Unit personnel will include Troop Program Unit and Active Guard/Reserve Soldiers, as well as civilians. Personnel with exercise experience, Observer/Controller, and/or Lanes experience are especially encouraged to apply.

Soldiers must meet all Army standards, including weight, height and Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). Soldiers with an outdated APFT and/or weigh-in may be required to do their APFT and/or weigh-in soon after being assigned to the unit.

Unit members must be able to qualify for their designated position within one year, be able to attend any grade-specific military schooling, if applicable, and be willing to maintain the highest standards of physical fitness, military bearing, and discipline.

All positions may require Temporary Duty (TDY) travel; more so at the higher grades.

Almost all enlisted positions and junior officer positions will require a one-week Observer/Controller class prior to the start of the exercises.

The 86th Training Brigade currently is hiring for the following military occupational specialty positions:

Command Sergeant Major, Sergeant Major: E-9 — 00G, 00Z, 12Z

Master Sergeant, First Sergeant: E-8 — 00G58/5B/5M/50, 25W, 31B, 42A, 68W, 74D, 88Z, 91Z, 92A, 92Y

Sergeant First Class: E-7 — 00G, 12B, 25Z, 31B, 35F, 35H, 35L, 35M, 42A, 46Z, 79V, 91X, 92A, 92Y

Staff Sergeant: E-6 — 00G, 25V, 42A, 88M, 89B, 91B

Sergeant: E-5 — 25U, 25V, 42A, 42A/ASI E3, 46Q, 92F

Specialist, E-4 — 36B

Officer & Warrant Officer Positions

Colonel: O6 — 01A (G3, G4, G6, and G7)

Lieutenant Colonel: O5 — 01A, 01A 5N, 12A, 31A, 36A, 90A

Major: O4 — 1A, 01A 5K, 24A, 27A, 42H, 51C 4M, 56A, 57A S7, 0A

Captain: O3 — 01A, 12B, 25A, 35D, 46A, 53A25, 57A, 70B, 88A, 90A, 91A,92A

Chief Warrant Officer: CWO2 — 351LQ.

All interested Soldiers must send a packet either by e-mail or by mail to: 86th Training Brigade, Attn: LTC Harrington, 821 E. 12th Ave, Fort McCoy, WI 54656-5249. Personnel submitting a packet, by mail, should send a courtesy e-mail.

All packets should include: (1) Position(s) interested in, (2) Last three officer evaluation reports or noncommissioned officer evaluation reports, and (3) Either your officer record brief, enlisted record brief, or Department of the Army 2-1. For more information, contact Lt. Col. Susan Harrington at 608-388-0920, DSN 280-0920, or e-mail susan.l.harrington@us.army.mil.



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