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 November 12, 2010


Watch for UXO in McCoy training areas

Anyone in the training areas at Fort McCoy, including hunters, should know what to do if they encounter unexploded ordnance (UXO).

During the heavy foot traffic of the fall hunting seasons, the opportunities to encounter UXO increase. UXO may be unstable due to exposure to the elements, including the freeze-thaw cycle, and can be dangerous if handled or moved, said David Beckmann, Fort McCoy wildlife biologist.

Hunters’ responsibilities are spelled out in Fort McCoy Regulation 420-29, Hunting, Fishing, Trapping Laws & Regulations, Chapter 2-H and J with a publication date of Aug. 1, 2010, Beckmann said. The regulation is available at the Fort McCoy public website at http://www.mccoy.army.mil, by clicking on recreation opportunities, fishing and hunting and regulations.
“The most important thing is not to pick up, disturb, carry off or damage UXO,” Beckmann said. “That could be dangerous. Instead, mark the area, if possible, and notify the Fort McCoy Police Department at 608-388-2266.”

Terry Hoff, Fort McCoy Range Officer for the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS), said any unknown objects should be treated as UXO. Military personnel who encounter UXO while conducting training at Fort McCoy can call the DPTMS Radio Room at 608-388-4848 or the Radio Room through the assigned Range Control radio frequencies to report the location of the UXO, Hoff said.

DPTMS personnel will respond and mark the locations of the UXO sites with red danger tape. Anyone encountering a marked UXO site should avoid the location. DPTMS personnel will arrange for removal and Explosive Ordnance Disposal support, if necessary, he said.

Any UXO believed to represent an emergency situation should be reported by calling 911, Hoff said.

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