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November 11, 2011


Detachment 1 1152nd Transportation Company (Railway)

(Editor’s note: This is the fifth Fort McCoy “SPOTLIGHT,” a series about tenant activities at Fort McCoy and their missions.)

What is it?
Detachment (Det.) 1 1152nd Transportation Company (Railway) operates and maintains railway for the U.S. Army at Fort McCoy and other locations as needed.
PHOTO: A view of the Detachment 1 1152nd Transportation locomotive at Fort McCoy. File photo
A view of the Detachment 1 1152nd Transportation locomotive at Fort McCoy. (File photo)

The detachment, part of the 1152nd Transportation Company of Milwaukee, is one of four railway units aligned under the 757th Transportation Battalion, which is part of the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command.

Det. 1 1152nd conducts locomotive repair, switch operations and prepares rail cars for movement and transport of vehicles, ammunition, cargo containers, and virtually any other piece of military equipment.

If it can fit on a railcar, generally it can be transported via rail.

What have they done?
The 25-30 Soldiers who are part of Det. 1 1152nd are Army Reserve Troop Program Unit Soldiers who spend training time supporting railway missions throughout the U.S.

The unit’s most-recent mission was at the U.S. Army Transportation Museum at Fort Eustis, Va., where the Soldiers helped create railway displays. The work involved laying railway for a staging spur and refurbishing antique railcars.

Past missions have included installing railway at the National Training Center, Fort Irwin, Calif., refurbishing and rebuilding locomotives at Hill Air Force Base, Utah and assisting with ammunition moves at Blue Grass Army Depot, Ky.

At Fort McCoy the unit has installed siding track — a low-speed track section — at the railway facility. They also can assist Fort McCoy’s Transportation Division, which has its own locomotive, in spotting ramp carts for loading/unloading procedures.

What do they have planned?
The 1152nd will continue to provide railway support as needed to the Army and Fort McCoy and may participate in missions Outside the Continental U.S. in the future.

Although railway units currently do not deploy to overseas contingency operations, individual unit members do deploy with other units.

The unit also will continue to support Armywide events such as the Best Warrior Competition and Philip A. Connelly Award food-service competition. The unit provides competitors as well as manpower support for the competitions.

Why are they important?
The 1152nd conducts railway operations to move almost any size cargo in a fast and efficient method. The unit is fully trained and is self-sustaining.

It operates and maintains everything in-house and can go anywhere its services are needed.

For more information, call Det. 1 1152nd at 608-388-2805.

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