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November 11, 2011


Speed limits changing for remote,

hard-topped roads at McCoy

Speed limits on some of Fort McCoy’s remote and lesser-traveled hard-topped roads will be changing.

Randy Eddy, Fort McCoy Installation Safety Office (ISO) safety manager, said the speed limit realignment includes increasing the speeds on the more remote roads from 30 mph to 45 mph for privately owned vehicles and General Services Administration vehicles. The 30 mph speed limit for larger, tactical vehicles will remain in place.
PHOTO: A new speed limit sign on Quarry Hill Road at Fort McCoy. Photo by Rob Schuette
New speed limit signs, including this one on Quarry Hill Road on South Post, are being installed on a number of hard-topped, remote roads at Fort McCoy. The signs are being placed on many roads outside the cantonment area, which are open to public traffic. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) and ISO personnel drove the routes to assess the traffic and road conditions before making the recommendations to the garrison commander. Eddy said the garrison commander requested the study/changes because of the large number of tickets being issued to drivers on the routes.

“The changes were based on two factors,” Eddy said. “First, the roads where the speed limits are or will be changed are open to the public. The state of Wisconsin Rustic Roads regulations sets speed limits on these roads at 45 mph.”

“Second, it was determined to keep the speed limit for larger, tactical vehicles at 30 mph because it’s more difficult to control those vehicles at faster speeds and the personnel driving them may not be that familiar with driving them,” Eddy said. “People in POVs can pass the tactical vehicles in these areas, but they should be extremely cautious.”

The remote roads affected by the changes are those that have been chip sealed or blacktopped within the past 20 years. Signs denoting the change already have been posted on Quarry Hill Road, Eddy said.

Eddy said the new speed limits are more realistic to the speeds personnel were driving on the affected roads. The roads being changed usually do not have heavy traffic.

The speed limits are being phased in as signs are being posted on the designated roads.

The next areas scheduled to be posted are Finch Road, which runs past the wastewater treatment plant, and Lemon Valley Road up to the East Range Road.

Motorists must adhere to the posted speed limits on a road until signs are placed or replaced, Eddy said.
Caution signs also will be posted at corners to warn motorists about upcoming curves.

The changes do not affect the speed limits in the cantonment area, Eddy said. Speed limits will remain at 30 mph unless otherwise posted. Exceptions include a 10 mph speed limit for motorists passing personnel on roadways. The speed limit also is 10 mph at Pine View Campground, unless otherwise posted.

A 5 mph speed limit is in effect for parking lots, and a 15 mph speed limit is in effect for Family housing areas.

For more information about speed limits and other traffic-enforcement rules at Fort McCoy, call DES at 608-388-4546.

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