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November 09, 2012


ICE terminals added throughout post for Soldiers’ convenience

New computer terminals to support Fort McCoy’s Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) system have been installed at installation locations frequently used by Soldiers.

PHOTO: A Soldier reviews the procedures to use a new Interactive Customer Evaluation terminal. Photo by Rob Schuette
Pfc. Joshua White reviews the procedures to use a new Interactive Customer Evaluation terminal at the Installation Dining Facility, building 50.
(Photo by Rob Schuette)

Laura La Marche, outgoing Fort McCoy ICE site manager for the Fort McCoy Plans, Analysis and Integration Office (PAIO), said the project began at the request of Garrison Command Sergeant Major Command Sgt. Maj. Bill Bissonette. Bissonette wanted ICE terminals placed at locations that have a large number of Soldiers using the services, and who often don’t have easy access to a computer to provide feedback, she said.

Instead, the Soldiers either filled out comment cards or waited until they had computer access to provide the input.

La Marche said having the ICE terminals will offer a quick and convenient alternative for customer feedback, while reducing staff time spent inputting and processing the hard-copy comments.

Bissonette met with PAIO personnel in March to determine how best to capture and input these comments. The idea was to collect enough comments to ensure the data is statistically relevant.

ICE terminal locations at Fort McCoy

Seven Fort McCoy locations that have a large number of Soldiers as customers have or will be receiving Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) terminals soon.

The locations that have the terminals are:
• Rumpel Fitness Center, building 1122,
• Central Issue Facility, building 2142,
• Dining Facilities, building 50 and building 2674,
• Troop Issue Sustainment Branch, building 490,
• Installation Materiel Maintenance Activity, building 200,
• Lodging, building 51, will receive an ICE terminal soon.

Patrons at the installation’s Community Activity Center, building 2000, can continue to use the Post Library’s 24 computers to submit ICE comments.

“We wanted to ensure the ICE terminals are visible and send the message to our customers that we care about what you have to say about our facilities and our customer service,” he said. “This helps us know what your issues are so we can fix them.”

Some installations with the ICE program have used commercially available kiosks, however, the PAIO determined this was cost prohibitive for Fort McCoy. PAIO staff searched for and found a cost-effective solution.

The group worked with the Network Enterprise Center at Fort McCoy and determined excess Information Technology equipment could be adapted and used for this purpose. Commercial software and licensing was obtained, and modifications were made as necessary to customize the equipment to meet Fort McCoy’s needs, La Marche said.

Data input into the ICE system is available throughout the chain of command, including the organization providing the service, the Fort McCoy Command Group, the Installation Management Command and the Department of the Army.

Bissonette said he gets a monthly summary of the comments and personally reviews all of the negative comments.

The ICE system is just one method Fort McCoy uses to seek customer input. Bissonette said the customers often meet one-on-one with the service managers. Customers also can complete several additional advisory actions.

It’s important for customers to provide both positive and negative feedback about the various customer service activities at Fort McCoy so the installation can gauge how it is meeting customers’ desires, he said.

The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security also is planning to install the ICE terminals in several key locations where it deals with Soldiers, he said.

Use of the ICE system is standard throughout the Department of Defense, La Marche said, and the installation has used ICE to obtain customer feedback since 2002. Customers at Fort McCoy can use work or other computers, including those at home, to submit comments at the website http://ice.disa.mil or for Fort McCoy organizations http://ice.disa.mil/index.cfm?fa=site&site_id=344.

Customers who want a response must provide their contact information, including their name and phone number or e-mail addresses. La Marche stressed the purpose of these terminals is to make submitting comments easier, and the contact information is important because it is used to validate customer comments.

Contact information is used for verification purposes only and will not be made public or used for punitive purposes, she said. The information is used to develop specific corrective actions.

All of the service providers receiving the equipment are excited to receive it and looking forward to receiving comments and being able to improve their customer service, La Marche said.

The data gathered through this system will be used to help Fort McCoy improve installation customer service.

Several military customers at the Installation’s Dining Facility said they welcome the ICE terminals to provide input.

Pfc. Joshua White of the 397th Engineer Battalion, an Army Reserve unit from Eau Claire, Wis., said the terminal in the dining facility was located at a good spot that attracts attention.

“If I have a comment to make about customer service or facilities, I would be more likely to use the terminal than I would be to fill out a comment card,” White said.

UT2 (E-5) Jason Delsart, a Naval Reserve construction worker with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion-25 at Fort McCoy, said he liked the new terminal because it was easier to use and the results would get into the system faster.

For more information about the ICE system at Fort McCoy, call the incoming ICE Site Manager Debi Antone-Waterman at 608-388-5485.

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