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October 28, 2011


Projects position Lodging to better serve customers

Remodeling projects at the Fort McCoy Lodging facility in building 51 are better positioning the organization to serve its customers in the post-mobilization/demobilization era at Fort McCoy, said Michael Bayerl.
PHOTO: A view of the renovated Lodging waiting area in building 51. Photo by Rob Schuette
A view of the renovated Lodging waiting area in building 51. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Bayerl, the general manager for Army Lodging at Fort McCoy, said the projects include a makeover of the Lodging lobby/reception area, the upgrading of several VIP suites and the addition of a fitness center and a business center.

“We really needed to do this to give the facility the amenities available in the private sector,” Bayerl said. “The remodeling of the lobby/reception area gives a great first impression of the facility to our guests.”

The lobby/reception area originally was a dayroom area for the Army Reserve Readiness Training Center (ARRTC) dormitory, Bayerl said.

During the mobilization/demobilization training era at Fort McCoy, the dormitory housed ARRTC students/Soldiers supporting that mission.

These personnel tended to have longer-term stays and provided consistent occupancy. Bayerl said the typical guests in the facility now stay two or three nights, and some for up to a week.

The remodeled lobby/reception area offers comfortable seating options, including cushioned chairs and sofas/couches, which provide options for guests to relax during the registration process or to use while waiting for transportation around Fort McCoy. The lobby/reception area also includes a small library and Wi-Fi.

Lodging guests also can use the area as an impromptu meeting area or to watch television. Conference rooms are available to guests for meetings.

Four VIP rooms are being remodeled to include new wet bars, upgraded private bathrooms, new carpeting, and furniture, etc., he said.

The fitness center and business center, amenities available at most commercial hotels, are scheduled to be completed for customer use by early 2012, he said.

“The remodeling and upgrading will give our customers a whole new lodging experience,” Bayerl said. “We’re positioning ourselves to compete in the current lodging environment.”

For more information about Lodging opportunities at Fort McCoy for authorized Department of Defense users, call Lodging at 608-388-2107/3638.

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