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Fort McCoy FY 2008 training total 
nears 128,000 personnel

By Rob Schuette, The Real McCoy Staff

Additional mobilization and premobilization training played a major role in helping Fort McCoy increase its Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 training totals to 127,919 personnel compared to its FY 2007 total of 112,703 personnel trained, according to the Fort McCoy Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS).

Photo: Soldiers, including members of the 855th Quartermaster Company, train on convoy scenarios during premobilization training by the Regional Training Center-North. (File Photo)
Soldiers, including members of the 855th Quartermaster Company, train on convoy scenarios during premobilization training by the Regional Training Center-North. (File Photo)

Mark Stelzner, the DPTMS range supervisory scheduler, said several big training units/organizations played key roles in the increase.

Stelzner said the FY 2008 totals were greatly aided by the more-than 3,000 troops mobilizing at Fort McCoy as part of the 81st Heavy Brigade Combat Team (HBCT) of the Washington Army National Guard.

The unit was one of the largest units that has mobilized at Fort McCoy to support the Global War on Terror.

Another large training unit was the 32nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team, a Wisconsin Army National Guard unit from Camp Douglas, conducting premobilization training in August. This group also numbered more than 3,000 personnel.

"The 32nd trains on a regular basis at Fort McCoy, but brought along more of its subordinate units for its premobilization training," Stelzner said. "They used many of our facilities and ranges, including MUTS (Mobile Urban Training Sites) North and South."

Three other training events, Patriot 2008, Red Dragon and Apache helicopter training also helped increase training totals, Stelzner said.

Patriot 2008 brought about 2,400 Air and Army National Guard personnel to the installation for joint training. Stelzner said, in the past, this training has typically seen training numbers of about 1,200 to 1,500 personnel.

The Red Dragon homeland security exercise reported a training total of about 1,500 personnel, while it has reported 900-1,000 personnel training here in other years.

Highlights of new units coming to Fort McCoy to train included about 600 personnel from the 20th Combat Aviation Battalion of the Missouri Army National Guard.

The unit was the first to conduct Apache helicopter gunnery training at Fort McCoy, Stelzner said.

Regional Training Site-Maintenance reported a record year of training, with more than 2,000 personnel trained, doubling its previous record of 1,028 personnel trained

In addition to RTS-Maintenance, a number of tenant activities or organizations at Fort McCoy also are included in the installation training totals, and include: RTS-Medical, the 84th Training Command (Leader Readiness), the Wisconsin Military Academy, the ChalleNGe Academy, Naval Mobile Construction Battalion-25, the Noncommissioned Officer Academy, and the 11th, 100th Military Intelligence Battalion, among others.

The training totals do not include those from the Regional Training Center-North, which conducts premobilization training for Army Reserve personnel and reports to the U.S. Army Reserve Command.

Terry Hoff, Fort McCoy Range Officer, said the units conducting extended combat training, mobilization training and battle drill training also made good use of the installation’s up-to-date, computerized ranges and facilities to accomplish their training objectives.

The installation added four gun truck ranges to provide truck gunnery training to serve the 81st HBCT’s training needs. Hoff said this helped ensure the 81st met its goals.

"The gun-truck ranges also will be a valuable asset we can offer to other units that are considering coming here for training," Hoff said.

Units seeking training opportunities at Fort McCoy can call DPTMS Range Scheduling at (608) 388-3721/4121 or can visit the installation’s public Web site at http://www.mccoy.army.mil, which offers access to the Fort McCoy Extranet.


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