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October 22, 2010


Visual information work requests at
Fort McCoy now can be done online

Members of the Fort McCoy work force now can submit all visual information (VI) requests online.

Karen Birkeness, Fort McCoy VI manager, said the Visual Information Ordering Site (VIOS), which is accessible at the website http://www.vios.army.mil, has been operational since Oct. 1.

“The new system is win-win for both the customers and for us,” Birkeness said. “Customers don’t have to fill out paper forms and submit them. They also will get e-mails telling them the status of their work requests.”

The new system allows work requests to be submitted via computer and files to be attached to the work requests to provide information for charts, graphics, maps, presentations, etc., she said.

The new system will reduce and/or eliminate much of the paperwork necessary for a work order, Birkeness said.

VI has a computer set up in building 2113, the multi-media visual information center. Currently, this computer only can serve authorized Fort McCoy computer users who have a Common Access Card.

Eventually, Birkeness said VI hopes to have a computer anyone can use to submit work orders.

“If we get paper work orders at this time, we have to enter them by hand into the system,” Birkeness said. “If you can submit the work requests online, we don’t have to do that.”

Birkeness said the VI staff is busy entering organizations into the system to enable them to submit work requests. Anyone wishing to enter work requests should verify their organization has an account. If personnel discover their organizations aren’t in the system and believe they should be, they can call and will be added to the system if proper authorization exists.

Although the system can be used to schedule appointments for official Department of the Army photographs, those services will remain on Wednesdays and Fridays on a walk-in basis. That has provided the best service to customers and helped ensure they can get their photographic support accomplished during the time they’re at Fort McCoy, Birkeness said.

The hours will remain Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:30-11 a.m. and noon-3 p.m. Regional DA photo shoots for the Chicago and Minneapolis regions will continue, Birkeness said.

The VI section, which is under the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS) Training Division, is no longer part of the Training Support Center so customers won’t require a 1687 form, which is a delegation of authority/signature card on record, she said.

VI equipment, including training aids and devices, can be loaned from the Training Support Branch, which also is aligned with the DPTMS Training Division, but is located separately in building 495.

For more information about the new VI processes, call Birkeness at 608-388-4520.

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