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October 14, 2011


Unit recognized for supply support to Fort McCoy mission

By Tom Michele, Eagle Systems & Services

As elements of the 335th Training Support Battalion, 181st Infantry Brigade, are phasing back to higher headquarters at Fort Sheridan, Ill., they are leaving behind a legacy of excellent customer service at Fort McCoy.
PHOTO: Lt. Col. Gail Bertolino recognizes unit Soldiers from the Supply Section. Contributed photo
Lt. Col. Gail Bertolino, commander of the 335th Training Support Battalion at Fort McCoy, recognizes unit Soldiers from the Supply Section for advancing through the Army Supply Excellence Award competition. (Contributed photo)

The 335th’s supply section noncommissioned officer in charge, Sgt. 1st Class Michel Buterbaugh, said the 335th was notified it had won the Army Chief of Staff Supply Excellence Award at the U.S. Army Forces Command level, and next will compete at the Department of the Army level.

The 335th was one of the training units supporting the mobilization effort at Fort McCoy for the past several years.
“The award competition is all about logistics, command-supply discipline, conservation of unit resources and being good stewards of taxpayers’ money,” Buterbaugh said. The competition includes fiscal year 2011 efforts.

“We were a support element,” Buterbaugh said. “We made gunnery training happen for mobilizing Soldiers at Fort McCoy.”

“We were responsible for getting live and blank ammunition, targets and gun mounts for vehicles to the training Soldier,” he said. “If it went ‘bang,’ then we coordinated it. If it was logistical, we did it. Our guys are the best at what we do.”

Several 335th Soldiers documented the composite efforts of the unit’s supply section to prepare an entry for the Armywide awards competition.

Buterbaugh said the next step in the process is for an Army inspection team to visit the Fort Sheridan headquarters in Chicago in early 2012 to further evaluate the 335th presentation.

“The 335th is an Army Reserve unit, and we and other Army Reserve units also competed against active-duty units for the award,” he said.

The six Soldiers in the 335th’s supply section were Capt. Jonathon Draper, Capt. Brett Brooks, Sgt. 1st Class Ricky Rougely, and Staff Sergeants Christina Hinojosa, Roger Connet, Laura Colon, and Buterbaugh.

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