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October 14, 2011


Concealed carry prohibited at McCoy despite state law

By Rob Schuette, Public Affairs Staff

Members of the Fort McCoy work force and installation visitors are not allowed to carry privately owned concealed weapons onto the installation.

This prohibition will not end with the implementation of the Wisconsin Concealed Carry Law, which takes effect Nov. 1, said Fort McCoy Chief of Police Rob Stapel.

Stapel said as a federal installation Fort McCoy is governed by Army Regulation 190-11. Paragraph 4-5a(2) of the regulation states that carrying of a concealed weapon on a federal installation is prohibited regardless of whether a state or county permit has been obtained.

The general rules for transporting firearms in Wisconsin will not change, except for concealed-carry permit holders with a handgun. Anyone transporting firearms, including bringing them onto Fort McCoy, must continue to follow the general procedures for transporting weapons.

Stapel said the state of Wisconsin requires weapons to be encased in a carrying case so that no part of the weapon is exposed; the ammunition must be separated from the weapon, and the weapon must be unloaded. The weapons must be locked in the trunk of a vehicle, or, if that’s not possible, placed in a location away from the vehicle occupants, he said.

These procedures are spelled out for people transporting firearms onto Fort McCoy in Fort McCoy Memorandum 190-2, Privately Owned Weapons.

“People who bring firearms or weapons onto Fort McCoy should tell the gate guards they are transporting weapons,” he said. “They are subject to searches by gate guards as part of the installation’s security.”

Procedures to transport firearms to the Fort McCoy Sportsman’s Range, which is located between Whitetail Ridge Ski Area and Pine View Campground, are spelled out in a supplement to Fort McCoy Memorandum 190-2, Stapel said.

Paragraph 2 of the supplement reads, “All privately owned weapons transported in vehicles on Fort McCoy must be locked and in a case in the vehicle’s trunk, or, if the vehicle has no trunk in a storage area of the vehicle beyond the reach of the vehicle’s occupants. Ammunition will be kept separate from the weapons during transportation. At no time will weapons be transported with ammunition loaded in the weapon, whether it is a magazine inserted into the weapon, or ammunition loaded into the cylinder or bore of a firearm. At no time will weapons be transported under the driver’s seat, in a glove compartment, console or like location, or in any location as to be considered a concealed weapon.”

Firearms can be transported onto Fort McCoy if they are authorized and properly registered and are in the custody of a person authorized by Fort McCoy Memorandum 190-2 to possess such firearms, Stapel said. These weapons can be transported onto Fort McCoy to a legal storage area or to sanctioned activities, such as hunting, target shooting or another authorized event in which the weapon is used in connection with a competition or as part of a legitimate display.

Personnel who live in military Family housing — accompanied and unaccompanied at Fort McCoy to include barracks — are allowed to have privately owned weapons on the installation, but must register them and cannot carry them in a concealed manner. They can be transported as described earlier in the story in a vehicle both on and off post. Stapel noted these regulations may not apply to personnel who have a specific requirement to carry firearms as part of their duty, such as servicemembers on active duty or on orders, or law-enforcement personnel.

Information about Fort McCoy Memorandum 190-2 is available on the Fort McCoy Corporate Network.
Information about Army Regulation 190-11 is available at the website: http://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/190_series_collection_1.html, which requires Army Knowledge Online access.
Information about the Wisconsin Concealed Carry Law is available at the website: https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2011/related/acts/35.pdf.

Anyone with specific questions about transporting a weapon onto Fort McCoy or the prohibition of carrying a concealed weapon on the installation can contact the Fort McCoy Police Department at 608-388-2000 and ask for Maj. Robert Nordby.

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