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Lean Six Sigma program honored

By Rob Schuette, The Real McCoy Staff

10 Lean Six Sigma projects recognized

Ten Lean Six Sigma project teams were honored during an awards ceremony at Fort McCoy Sept. 29.

Green Belt project leaders received a $2,500 monetary award, a certificate and a command coin.

Project sponsors received a certificate and a command coin. Team members received a certificate.

The projects honored were
•  Nonappropriated Fund and Property Accountability. This project resulted in improved documentation, a streamlined process and accountable property accurately reflected on reports.
     • Common Access Card Computer Access Process. This project resulted in cost avoidance.
     • Reduce calls at Technical Support Help Desk. This project resulted in cost avoidance.
     • Deployment of Hardware Received through Consolidated Bulk Buy. This project resulted in cost avoidance.
     • Dining Facility Projections. The project resulted in operational improvements and reduced delta data between projections and actual dining facility headcount.
     • Position Management Staff Action. The project resulted in reduced processing time from an average of 52 days down to 10 days.
     • Military Awards Processing. The project resulted in decreased processing of military awards and cost avoidance.
     • Weed and Grass Control on Ranges. This project resulted in cost avoidance.
     • Military Interagency Procurement Request Documentation and Approval Process. The project resulted in decreased processing time and rework.
     • Improve Accountability of Bulk Fuel Keys. The project resulted in operational improvements. When the project began, there were 4,100 fuel keys active and hand receipts for no more than 1,500 fuel keys.

Personnel involved in Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 Lean Six Sigma (LSS) projects at Fort McCoy were recognized for their efforts in helping the installation surpass the Installation Management Command’s (IMCOM) goals and providing quality service in a constrained fiscal environment.

Garrison Commander Col. David E. Chesser noted that IMCOM had set a goal to have Fort McCoy complete six LSS projects with cost savings/avoidance of $54,000 for FY 2008.

Fort McCoy personnel set the bar much higher with 10 LSS projects, with an estimated cost savings/avoidance of $1.6 million, Chesser said.

"The Army has embraced LSS as a strategy to provide more services in a fiscally constrained environment," Chesser told a standing-room only crowd in a Post Headquarters’ conference room. "Fort McCoy has embraced it and gone beyond that."

The Army has undergone a large, fiscal transformation since he first began his service during the Reagan era, Chesser said. Back in the 1980s, there was robust funding to do the mission. However, that’s not the case today.

Chesser said the challenge of Army Transformation is to provide more services, while maintaining the quality, as the money to provide those services is reduced.

LSS has helped re-enforce one of his customer-service goals to "under promise and over achieve," Chesser said.

Fort McCoy employees have created an environment where customers have a reasonable expectation of what services the installation can provide them, and then the installation work force exceeds those standards, as in the case of LSS, he said.

"You’re perceived as heroes in the eyes of the IMCOM-West Region," Chesser said.

IMCOM had recommended that the personnel chosen to lead the projects, called Green Belts, be rewarded for their efforts.

Chesser said that brought him to another one of his mantras, "to push hard" to get things done in a timely manner.

"I feel this program was so vital to our success that I told (my staff) to find the money out of our budget," Chesser said. "That’s the value we place on your efforts."

Al Fournier, Fort McCoy Command Group chief of staff, recognized the award recipients for improving quality and processes and helping to attract customers to the installation by providing them with quality training opportunities and support.

Chesser said the installation’s commitment to the personnel involved in LSS was to show the program was here to stay, to say thanks for their time and to encourage other personnel to get involved.

Anyone with questions about LSS or how to get involved in the program, can contact Kathy Peterson, the Fort McCoy LSS program manager, at (608) 388-2003.


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