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 October 08, 2010


New facility approved to support installation Network Enterprise Center

On Sept. 16, the Army Corps of Engineers awarded a contract to construct a Network Enterprise Center (NEC) data center and administration complex at Fort McCoy. The new complex will consolidate the NEC into one permanent building, with the capacity of housing 65 personnel.

Currently the NEC administrative buildings and data centers are spread across five separate buildings, which include two old barracks buildings that were joined together and a very old supply facility. The new complex will incorporate needed technological updates and posture the NEC to meet the installation’s technology needs in the future.

These improvements include a conference room with state-of-the-art video teleconferencing capabilities, co-located classified and unclassified data centers, a SIPRNET (Secure Internet Protocol Network) café, a Technical Test Lab, reliable air-conditioning, dependable power sources and energy-saving measures. Construction specifications also include a permanent concrete foundation, structural steel framing, masonry veneer walls, a metal roof and a parking lot.

The project was awarded under a design/build plan. Design meetings between the contractor and installation representatives will be scheduled regularly to provide input into the construction of the facility. The new NEC complex will be located in the 1400 block (near the Commissary/Post Exchange complex). Preliminary site preparation work has begun for the $6.7 million project, including options, which is scheduled for completion in March 2012. The project was funded by Military Construction, Army Reserve funding. Fowler and Hammer, Inc., of La Crosse will be the prime contractor.

“This project is a prime example of the excellent teamwork and customer support that’s present at Fort McCoy,” said Ronald Robinson, Fort McCoy NEC director. “Without the efforts of the Fort McCoy DPW (Directorate of Public Works) and support from the Garrison’s Command Group, the project would not have come to fruition.”

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