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Installation prepares for 
Ready Army program

Groundwork is being laid to develop Fort McCoy’s Ready Army program.

The Ready Army program is designed to prepare the entire Army Family at installations and communities across the nation and around the world for all potential hazards, natural and manmade, according to spokespeople from the Department of Homeland Security.

At Fort McCoy, the responsibility for implementing and providing information about the program will be with the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security (DPTMS) Plans, Operations and Security Branch.

Art: Ready Army Logo

The display area for the information will be with Army Community Service (ACS) in building 2111 South 8th Ave.

Lori Enghusen of ACS said the initial plan is to have informational handouts about the program available at ACS and incorporate the information into ACS programs/classes.

DPTMS officials said the purpose of the Fort McCoy Ready Army program is to raise the collective community awareness about what to do or where to go in case of a hazardous situation. Hazards may include such things as weather, pandemic or terrorism acts, for example.

The program can serve as a confidence builder for the families of deploying military personnel, according to DPTMS. Enghusen added that it helps provide a sense of relief to Soldiers who have deployed knowing that plans are in place to help protect or assist their families in case something should happen, such as the flooding last summer and this summer.

Information also can be forwarded to military personnel through their units or various meetings that they would attend.

Several excellent Internet sites are available that can provide good information, as well. These include the Army Web site at http://www.army.mil and the Web sites http://www.ready.gov or http://www.myarmylifetoo.com, which is transitioning to http://www.armyonesource.com. The download center located under site tools on the left side of the Home Page of the www.myarmylifetoo.com Web site has the Ready Army category, which includes a downloadable version of the brochure about Emergency Preparedness for Soldiers and Army Families.

For more information about Ready Army in the Fort McCoy community call DPTMS Plans, Operations and Security Branch at (608) 388-5107.

For more information about ACS classes, call (608) 388-3505.


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