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Army has resources to
help Soldiers in need

During September, we observe suicide prevention month with the theme of “Improving our Soldiers and Families Health: A Healthy Force Combating High Risk Behaviors.”

Local Resources

For more information about suicide awareness/prevention topics in the Fort McCoy community, Soldiers and their family members should contact their unit chaplains or the Fort McCoy Religious Support Office at 608-388-3528.

Other personnel in the Fort McCoy work force, can contact the Fort McCoy Employee Assistance Program Coordinator at 608-388-2441/5955, who can provide referral services and information for people seeking help.

Additional resources in the Fort McCoy community, include the Fort McCoy Behavioral Health Clinic at 608-388-4679 (for mobilizing/demobilizing Soldiers or Soldier referrals), and Military Family Life Consultants at 608-469-1432. 

I want you to know we are committed to a holistic approach to improve the physical, spiritual and behavioral health of our Soldiers, their Families and Army Civilians.

We are focusing on promoting health and risk reduction. The theme also reminds us of the importance of focusing on all aspects of health necessary for overall fitness.

We have the responsibility and commitment to help our Army Family who needs the strength of our team. Throughout the month I will post several blogs concerning the facts about suicide prevention.

I encourage you to visit the resources below for more information on suicide prevention and access to help.
  • http://www.armyg1.army.mil/hr/suicide/default.asp
  • http://www.behavioralhealth.army.mil
  • http://www.militaryonesource.com (800-342-9647)
  • http://www.realwarriors.net/
  • The Defense Centers of Excellence Outreach Center 1-866-966-1020, and
  • The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255.

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