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September 23, 2011


Garrison employees encouraged to attend Oct. 6 Town Hall briefing

Fort McCoy garrison employees are invited to attend one of two Garrison Commander Town Hall briefing sessions, which will be held from 9-10:30 a.m. and 1-2:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 6 in the auditorium of building 60. The Directorate of Logistics will provide transportation. More details will be announced later.

The time for the annual preparation and submission of the garrison’s Army Communities of Excellence (ACOE) application is here, and Garrison Commander, Col. David E. Chesser, will address the workforce to encourage full participation and cooperation in preparation of the application. The ACOE competition is a comprehensive process, including the completion of an organizational profile, a commander’s narrative explaining why Fort McCoy should be considered an ACOE contender, reporting of results data, and completion of the Campaign Plan Employee Assessment (CPEA). The CPEA is a survey used by the Installation Management Command to determine employee engagement in the deployment of the Installation Management Campaign Plan (IMCP) and to provide actionable feedback to the garrison.

Chesser will explain how Fort McCoy’s Strategic Business Plan is structured to implement the IMCP and will remind the work force where they can locate source documents related to both plans.

A variety of reference materials exist on the Fort McCoy Corporate Network under the Garrison Management/Plans, Analysis, and Integration Office.

Laura La Marche, Installation ACOE coordinator, said the briefing is an important component of the garrison’s strategic communication plan along with organization-level town hall meetings and the annual briefing to the work force.

Chesser will stress the importance of work force completion of the CPEA with candid, thoughtful responses. CPEA results are incorporated into the installation’s overall ACOE score, La Marche said. ACOE helps the installation provide services in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible.

The CPEA is a relatively short (approximately 20 questions) survey directly related to the IMCP’s six Lines of Effort: Soldier, Family and Civilian Readiness; Soldier, Family and Civilian Well-Being; Leader and Work Force Development; Installation Readiness; Safety; and Energy and Water Efficiency and Security.

La Marche said that by the end of September, each garrison employee will receive an e-mail message inviting them to participate in the CPEA. It is critical to retain the message, so the individual can access the CPEA after the town hall briefing.

For more information about the CPEA or the ACOE program, contact La Marche at 608-388-2062 or at laura.k.lamarche.civ@mail.mil.

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