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September 23, 2011


School Impact Aid Surveys being distributed

Sparta and Tomah school districts have sent or soon will be sending home an Impact Aid Survey form. All students attending schools in those districts will receive the form.
IMAGE: Impact Aid Survey

Impact Aid Surveys distributed in the Sparta School District must be completed and returned by Friday, Oct. 14, while surveys distributed in the Tomah School District must be completed and returned by Friday, Sept. 30.

Completed forms are used to determine the amount of Impact Aid funds each school district will receive.

The Impact Aid Program is designed to directly compensate local school districts for: (1) local revenue lost due to the presence of federally owned, and therefore tax-exempt, property and (2) cost incurred due to “federally connected” students, such as the children of armed services personnel working at a nearby military base.

Unlike most other forms of educational assistance, impact aid disburses roughly $1.3 billion annually in unrestricted federal funds directly to local school districts rather than through state agencies.

Established in 1950, the Impact Aid Program is a major general aid source for more than 1,300 school districts nationwide, or 9.8 percent of all districts.

For some school districts, Impact Aid supplies as much as 75 percent of the local education operating budget.

Who should turn in Impact Aid Surveys to the school? Parents and guardians of children of military and Department of Defense civilians need to turn in the surveys to their school.

Why is my survey important? The amount of funds the school district receives is based on the number of Impact Aid Surveys returned. Parents and guardians are urged to complete and turn in their surveys.

Any questions can be directed to the school district offices or for questions in the Fort McCoy community call Becky Walley, Fort McCoy School Liaison Officer, at 608-388-6814.

(Submitted by Fort McCoy Child, Youth & School Services.)

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