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September 14, 2012


Installation Management Command leadership message to work force

SAN ANTONIO (Installation Management Command) — The Installation Management Command (IMCOM) has the best work force we have seen in each of our 30-plus years of service. At every installation, base and depot we visit, we are impressed by the spirit, energy and teamwork exhibited by the IMCOM team.
PHOTO: Installation Management Command Commander Lt. Gen. Michael Ferriter and Command Sgt. Maj. Earl Rice visit the Vicenza Military Community. Photo by Julie M. Lucas
Installation Management Command Commander Lt. Gen. Michael Ferriter and Command Sgt. Maj. Earl Rice visited the Vicenza Military Community Aug. 14. They visited numerous facilities recognizing exemplary employees and spoke to employees at a Town Hall meeting. 
(Photo by Julie M. Lucas)

We are just as inspired by the dedicated professionals in the IMCOM and region headquarters, who oversee operations that stretch around the globe from Japan and Korea, across the continental United States, to Europe, and even into bases in Afghanistan. Simply said, no one touches our Soldiers, our Army Families and our civilian work force and retirees like we do every day.

In August, we marked the 10th anniversary of the installation management team — first the Installation Management Agency and then IMCOM. That means we have experienced 10 years of evolution in our mission, our work force and our methods of installation service delivery.

Those who have been with the organization all or most of that time know it has been a constant learning experience in a business with really high stakes — the quality of life of our all-volunteer force. Sustaining such a high-quality force relies heavily on us, the installation management professionals, succeeding in our mission.

The installation management team has performed magnificently this year, just as it has in past years. Our ability to deliver services every day ensures our Soldiers and Families know we care about them and appreciate their service.

The entire Army now is affected by force and funding reductions. This means IMCOM also will reshape and reduce in size. This past year we accomplished all of our mandated reductions through voluntary actions. We also retrained and reassigned people within our IMCOM team to allow for personal growth and to keep our team together.

Even as we reduced our numbers, we approved for hire almost 2,000 positions across IMCOM.

In fact, many of these are vacant, and I invite you to the IMCOM Enterprise Placement Program to see what is there and if there is a position that interests you.

Our work force development is second to none. Our IMCOM Academy, developmental assignments, the Mentor Program, Career Program 29, and schools such as the Civilian Education System and the senior-service colleges are providing immediate and positive return on investment in shaping our team for the future.

As we move into the year ahead, my goal is to create even more certainty for you. I want IMCOM leaders at every level to increase communication to build understanding and certainty for our team.

We’re getting ready for the next 10 years of world-class installation services, so we need to get it right now.

To all of our great civilians: thank you for your dedicated service. Have a super weekend and a great week ahead.

Army Strong!
Support and Defend
From Lt. Gen. Mike Ferriter,
Command Sgt. Maj. Earl Rice

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