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SportBike motorcycle course planned

Soldiers in the Fort McCoy community who want more experience riding their sport motorcycles are encouraged to take the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Military SportBike Rider Course, which will be held at Fort McCoy Wednesday, Sept. 30 and Thursday, Oct. 1.

Each class will be free, run from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and will accommodate up to 12 Department of Defense (DoD) personnel. Military personnel will have preference, and DoD civilians can attend as space permits.

The course was developed by the MSF, in close cooperation with the U.S. Army and Navy safety centers, to address the increasing number of military personnel who are involved in SportBike crashes. Randy Eddy, Fort McCoy Installation Safety Office safety manager, said the course is the next-level training course for SportBike riders who have completed the MSF Basic Rider Course. Motorcycle riders who want to improve their skills also can take the MSF Experienced Riders Course.

“The goal (of the course) is to provide riders with a way to further develop personal riding strategies and decision-making abilities to help them minimize their risk,” said Dr. Ray Ochs, MSF director of training systems.

The eight-hour MSF SportBike Rider Course is comprised of three hours of classroom training and five hours of hands-on field exercises. In the classroom, students learn about behavioral aspects of riding, such as attitude and personal risk assessment. Classroom instruction includes discussions about braking proficiency, cornering techniques, traction management and characteristics unique to SportBikes.

The hands-on session builds on these topics by providing riders the opportunity to develop and improve skills in braking.

The DoD mandates that all military personnel riding motorcycles take the MSF Basic Rider Course, which is required to ride motorcycles on federal installations. The U.S. Navy requires all personnel riding SportBikes to take the MSF SportBike Rider Course. The new SportBike course is being offered DoD-wide.

“With this new course for military riders, the MSF advances its ongoing effort to provide innovative programs and curriculum, all developed with one goal in mind — to fulfill its mission of improving rider safety,” Ochs said.

Personnel interested in taking this new course in the Fort McCoy community must call Ride Safe, Inc. (Wendy Mlsna) at 715-299-7728 to register. The classroom portion of the training will be held in building 1721, S. 10th Ave., with the field portion in parking lot 17A, which is nearby.

The organization offers The Basic and Experienced Motorcycle Riders courses, in addition to the SportBike course. More information about MSF contracted motorcycle safety training courses at Fort McCoy is available at the Web site http://www.ridesafewi.com.

Riders attending the SportBike course must have a SportBike-type motorcycle with insurance card. They can use their own motorbikes or must have written permission to ride someone else’s bike. Riders will need to bring along a motorcycle endorsement, long-sleeve shirt or jacket, boots or shoes (that cover the ankles), long pants, full-fingered gloves, eye protection (sun glasses or prescription or safety glasses) and helmets.

For more information about safety in the Fort McCoy community, visit the Fort McCoy Extranet at https://extranet.mccoy.army.mil and click on the safety tab, or call 608-388-3403.

(Information in this story also is from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.)


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