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 September 10, 2010


Range Branch consolidates facilities, services in 2900 block area

Story & photo by Rob Schuette, Public Affairs Staff

Range Branch services and facilities have been consolidated in Fort McCoy’s 2900 block area to provide a one-stop area for customers and better working accommodations for staff members.

PHOTO: Paul Rose, a radio operator, keeps in contact with units on the ranges from the radio room in building 2954. Photo by Rob Schuette
Paul Rose, a radio operator, keeps in contact with units on the ranges from the radio room in building 2954.

Range services, including scheduling, safety, operations, Integrated Training Area Management (ITAM), Range Control and Range Inspection have relocated in building 2954. Building 2955, which is right next door, is used for storage, such as for ITAM and Land Rehabilitation and Maintenance equipment. The Range Maintenance Section now in building 2786, which is several hundred yards from building 2954, has more space than it did previously, said Terry Hoff, Fort McCoy Range Officer.

“This makes it a lot easier for us to coordinate services and keep track of the current use statuses of the ranges,” Hoff said. “Building 2954 was laid out the way we wanted so it gives us better use of office space than in our previous facilities.”

Building 2954 also has a large classroom, which can accommodate more personnel than the former classroom the Range Branch had in building 110. Hoff said that will allow the Range Branch to hold more coordination conferences/meetings on site. Range Branch employees also will be more readily accessible, helping to save time for both customers and staff members.

Range personnel have access to the latest in technology and furniture. For example, radio room personnel have adjustable furniture, which allows them to stand up and still perform required functions during a shift.

“That feature helps keep everything at their finger tips, and it’s important they can stand up during work because they work 10-12 hour shifts,” Hoff said.

Technology will continue to play a big role in future Range Branch work, Hoff said. The current graphic map depictions of range statuses eventually will be replaced by technology that allows Range personnel to have real-time, video access to range activities through the Range Facility Management Support System computer software program.

Hoff said Directorate of Public Works personnel coordinated the contract to perform the work.

All offices and personnel have retained the same phone numbers and e-mail addresses, he said.

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