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 September 10, 2010


Energy conservation awareness encouraged for McCoy work force

Fort McCoy has an active energy program to reduce energy usage, including replacing older light fixtures, improving insulation, and adding high-efficiency appliances, whenever possible, said Michael J. Kelley.

Kelley, the chief engineer of the Energy-Utilities Branch for the Fort McCoy Directorate of Public Works, said the installation is mandated to cut energy and water usage through several legislative acts and presidential executive orders.

According to these mandates, energy use must be decreased by 3 percent each year for 10 years from a baseline set by energy consumption in fiscal year (FY) 2003. The program is under way and ends in FY 2015. This would be a total energy reduction of 30 percent, Kelley said. Likewise, water consumption must be cut by 2 percent a year from a baseline set based on FY 2007 consumption rates for 13 years through FY 26 for a total water usage reduction of 26 percent.

“A major initiative to help us reach these goals has been to incorporate energy savings measures, such as increased building insulation, high-efficiency furnaces and insulated windows in all World War II wood building renovation projects,” Kelley said. “In recent years we’ve been including high-efficiency kitchen equipment in the dining facilities and low-flow water fixtures throughout the installation.”

The installation also has done a number of lighting retrofits. One such project, which replaced the lighting in several Installation Maintenance Materiel Activity facilities in the 200 block, netted the installation $28,000 in incentive rebates from the Focus on Energy program. Focus on Energy incentive rebates for projects from FY 07-09 have earned about $120,000 for Fort McCoy.

Fort McCoy also has taken advantage of other energy-saving opportunities, such as obtaining 10,000 free compact fluorescent lamps from Focus on Energy. Kelley said these have been installed in place of incandescent light bulbs.

New buildings being constructed also must meet strict standards to reduce energy consumption. This includes using up-to-date insulation, lighting, heating and cooling materials/equipment to meet the recommended standards of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers in Standard 90.1-2004.

Employees in the Fort McCoy work force play an important role in helping to curb unnecessary energy/water use, Kelley said.

“For starters, doing simple common-sense things you would normally do around the house (which help you save money on your bills) would go a long way toward helping us meet our goals,” Kelley said. “Turn off the lights in your office or other areas when you’re not going to be around for a while.”

Kelley said monitoring the use of air conditioners/heating equipment and not running them with windows or doors wide open will help save energy costs. Computer monitors and printers also should be placed in energy-saving modes or shut off, if possible, before leaving an office or going home.

If employees notice things out of the ordinary, such as outdoor lights on in the middle of the day or furnaces running when it’s 80 degrees outside they are encouraged to contact the HELP Desk at 608-388-4357. Technicians will fix the problem or refer it to the engineering group for analysis and a long-term solution, if necessary, he said.

Building Energy Monitors are appointed for every building per Fort McCoy Energy Conservation Policy 09-13, which can be found on the Fort McCoy Corporate Network (FMCN).

These personnel can provide information about various energy-conservation practices, such as setting temperature ranges for heating and cooling buildings in season, or the guidance is available in the Army Facilities Management, Army Regulation 420-1, Chapter 22, Paragraph 22-12b. The Energy Office also puts out regular reminders on the FMCN about energy usage and conservation.

For more information about energy-reduction at Fort McCoy, contact your building energy monitor or call Kelley at 608-388-8682.

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