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Main Gate weekday procedures change

Effective Wednesday, Sept. 2, an additional officer will be added at the Fort McCoy Main Gate from 5:30-9 a.m. weekdays to help facilitate traffic flow, said Directorate of Emergency Services (DES) Police Chief Jamie Guttenberg.

The change also includes routing incoming commercial vehicles to the inside entrance lane to relieve congestion in front of the Vehicle Registration Center. Guttenberg said this change and the extra officer on duty should help prevent these vehicles from getting backed up and blocking the turning lane to Vehicle Registration.

"Motorists need to pay strict attention to the police officers and do as they request," Guttenberg said. "The extra police officer will help keep traffic moving and get people through the gate as smoothly and quickly as possible."

Privately owned vehicles (POVs) can use either the outside lane, which previously was for commercial traffic, and the inside lane to enter the post, as traffic patterns dictate, he said. The Main Gate is open 24/7 to handle incoming and outgoing traffic. All motorists ó both commercial and POVs ó coming to Fort McCoy who donít have government vehicle decals must use this gate. Vehicle visitor passes will be issued at the Main Gate.

The changes will not affect operations at the Tomah (Gate 15) and Sparta (Gate 5) Gates. These will be open from 5:30-8 a.m. weekdays for incoming traffic with proper vehicle registration decals. All outgoing weekday POV traffic also can use these gates from 3-5:30 p.m.

Guttenberg said random access measurement tactics can be done at any time at all of the gates.

These tactics can include stopping and searching vehicles, officers carrying rifles, using narcotic and bomb-sniffing dogs, etc.

"These measures are designed to catch bad people and keep them from coming (or bringing unwanted items) onto post," Guttenberg said.

For more information about gate procedures, call the DES at 608-388-2266.


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