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Ammunition amnesty 
guidelines announced

In accordance with Army Regulation (AR) 710-2 the Fort McCoy Directorate of Logistics has established an Ammunition Amnesty Program. The Ammunition Amnesty Program is necessary to ensure maximum recovery of military ammunition, explosives and residue items (no commercial ammunition).

The program is established to provide an opportunity for individuals to return ammunition, which has been stolen, misplaced or erroneously left in the possession of a unit after turn-in and reconciliation has been finalized. These returns can be made without fear of prosecution.

More specific information can be found in AR 710-2, Department of the Army Pamphlet (DA PAM) 710-2-1 and 710-2-2 contained in the Unit Supply Update. Ammunition falling into this category may be turned in at the Ammunition Supply Point, building 9036, with no questions asked, and without documentation.

The Amnesty Program is not designed, nor will it be used, to circumvent the normal turn-in procedures. Unit commanders are to make every effort to recover unused ammunition and turn it in to the Ammunition Supply Point as specified in DA PAM 710-2-1, chapter 11.

Ammunition turned in under the Ammunition Amnesty Program does not relieve commanders of the responsibility to account for all ammunition issued as specified in AR 710-2 and DA PAM 710-2-1. All shortages will be cleared as specified in DA PAM 710-2-1, chapter 11.

All shortages will be accounted for and cleared as specified under the provisions of AR 735-5, AR 190-11 or National Guard Regulation 190-11, as applicable.

Amnesty turn-ins will be accepted during normal duty hours only, and by Ammunition Storage personnel only.

Any questions may be directed to the Ammunition Supply Office, 608-388-3604/4277 or Ammunition Storage, 608-388-2820.


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