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 August 27, 2010


Town hall meetings held for
garrison work force

Garrison Commander Col. David E. Chesser recently hosted two town hall meetings to provide the garrison work force with information about the outcomes of Fort McCoy’s recently concluded strategic-planning process, to discuss the purpose of and the performance requirements associated with the Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Installation Management Campaign Plan (IMCP), and to preview the upcoming Army Communities of Excellence (ACOE)/Campaign Plan Self Assessment. A total of nearly 400 personnel attended the two sessions held Aug. 11.
PHOTO: Garrison Commander Col. David E. Chesser communicates to the garrison work force the importance of Fort McCoy’s strategic-planning efforts and the IMCOM Installation Management Campaign Plan. Photo by Allan Harding
Garrison Commander Col. David E. Chesser communicates to the garrison work force the importance of Fort McCoy’s strategic-planning efforts and the IMCOM Installation Management Campaign Plan. (Photo by Allan Harding)

Chesser said it was critical for this award-winning garrison work force to understand the importance of the mature and effective management systems the garrison has in place, and how these systems are used to enable the efficient execution of the garrison’s assigned mission.

Chesser provided several examples of how the Fort McCoy strategic planning process directly has contributed to realizing many of the modernization improvements that are occurring throughout the installation today. The 90-minute town hall sessions provided the opportunity for the Command Group to discuss with the work force how these locally developed planning and management systems are used to ensure Fort McCoy’s long-term survivability and mission relevance.

The recently released Fort McCoy Strategic Plan sets forth an organizational direction for the next five years (2011-2015) and documents the garrison’s mission, vision, motto, strategic objectives, command imperatives, organization competencies, organization beliefs, and values. This Strategic Planning System is one of four components that comprise Fort McCoy’s Installation Management System; the others are the garrison’s Customer Management System, Process Management System and Performance Review System. Collectively, these systems provide an operating framework through which personnel at all organizational levels — enterprise, business and operational — plan, manage, review and improve mission support activities.

The IMCP, which debuted in the spring, provides the guidance that defines the role each Soldier, Family member, and civilian throughout IMCOM has in supporting the warrior now and in the future. The plan communicates the imperatives of IMCOM Commanding General Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch through six Lines of Effort (LOEs), identifies performance expectations defined as Keys to Success, and provides the associated Assessment Metrics to be used as operating evaluation factors.

Chesser explained the requirements of both the Fort McCoy Strategic Plan and the IMCP have been thoroughly reviewed, aligned and integrated, and a comprehensive series of action plans have been put in place to achieve Fort McCoy’s strategic vision and fulfill the requirements of the IMCOM IMCP. Accomplishment of these action plans will be monitored using the garrison’s Performance Review System, the Senior Management Board, and the Installation Planning Board.

Regarding the upcoming ACOE competition, the garrison senior staff will be responsible for preparing a Garrison Profile, which is a written narrative that highlights the initiatives taken to implement the IMCP, describes Fort McCoy’s Installation Management System and its component elements, and outlines Fort McCoy’s successes with regard to organizational improvement. Once this profile has been submitted, garrison employees randomly selected via the ACOE review process will be asked to complete an online self-assessment questionnaire designed to validate the information presented in the profile.

Responses also will validate the understanding the garrison work force has of the Fort McCoy Installation Management System, the IMCP and the effectiveness by which these initiatives have been implemented.

Chesser emphasized the importance of work force participation in the self-assessment process, and urged everyone who receives a survey to take the time necessary to complete the online assessment. This assessment is viewed and used as a critical tool in the garrison’s quest for continuous improvement.

Further information regarding this year’s ACOE process will be provided when IMCOM has finalized the deployment schedule. The Plans, Analysis and Integration Office is the garrison staff office responsible for coordinating ACOE program activities.

Copies of Fort McCoy’s “Our Plan For Success,” the IMCP, and the town hall briefing slides are available for viewing on the Fort McCoy Corporate Network.

The complete town hall briefing will be televised on Fort McCoy’s Command Channel, FMC-TV6, and DVD copies are available to organizations by contacting the Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security Multimedia/Visual Information Branch at 608-388-4520.

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