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                                                                     AUGUST 22, 2008 


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Photo: A group of 81st Brigade Combat Team (BCT) Soldiers walks around the nose of the aircraft that just landed at Volk Field to unload duffle bags onto a truck to be taken to Fort McCoy. Their flight was one of many bringing the entire BCT to Fort McCoy to prepare for deployment to support Operation Iraqi Freedom. (Photo by Tom Michele)

Photo:  Soldiers from the 181st Infantry Brigade install a concertina wire at Contingency Operating Base McGinnis at Fort McCoy. (Photo by Tom Michele)

Fort McCoy ready to support 81st Brigade Combat Team

A swarm of Soldiers buzzing throughout the Fort McCoy mobilization training center areas is not an unusual occurrence for the installation. However, all of those Soldiers being part of one large unit mobilizing at the same time will be a first for Fort McCoy. (Story, photo.)


COB improvements to replicate real-world deployment environments

Twelve security guard towers were put in place in late July, and concertina wire was added in August in the 2400 through 2800 blocks of the Fort McCoy cantonment area.  (Story, photos.)

Photo: Personnel from the 32nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion train on movement procedures during a scenario at the Mobile Urban Training Site-South at Fort McCoy. (Photo by Rob Schuette)


32nd BSTB prepares for future missions during training 

Soldier training started with the basics and worked its way through the walk and run stages as personnel from the Wisconsin Army National Guard trained at Fort McCoy in early August. (Story, photos.)
Photo: State Patrol Academy cadets train on defense-and-arrest tactics during the recruit class training. (Photo by Rob Schuette)


State Patrol Academy recruit class cadets tackling 21-week course

Cadets in the Wisconsin State Patrol Academy 57th Recruit Class went through defense-and-arrest tactics and firearms training during their fourth week of training. (Story, photos.)
Photo: Spc. Mindy Eitsert of the 107th donates blood during an Armed Services Blood Program drive at Fort McCoy. Craig Walker, a medical technician at Fort Benning, Ga., assists her. (Photo by Rob Schuette)


Blood drive held here Aug. 13 to support deployed Soldiers

Personnel from all segments of the Fort McCoy community, including the military and civilian work force, the neighboring communities and the installationís Medical Department Activity, came together Aug. 13 to help make a blood drive to support deployed troops a success. (Story, photo.)

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