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July 27, 2012


Regional Training Site-Maintenance Fort McCoy

(Editor’s note: “SPOTLIGHT” is a continuing series about tenant activities and missions at Fort McCoy.)

What is it?
Regional Training Site (RTS)-Maintenance Fort McCoy provides training to active-duty, reserve and National Guard personnel in the Mechanical Maintenance (91) Career Management Field.
PHOTO: Students in a Regional Training Site-Maintenance 91B Wheeled Maintenance Class. Photo by Rob Schuette
Students in a Regional Training Site-Maintenance 91B Wheeled Maintenance Class train on Military Occupational Specialty skills. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

Courses taught at RTS-Maintenance include Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, Wheeled Vehicle Recovery, Laundry Systems Specialist, Standard Army Maintenance System – Enhanced (SAMS-E), and more. The organization has multiple training facilities including nine classrooms that are fully-equipped with the latest in digital and computer-based audiovisual equipment and mire pits for vehicle recovery training.

RTS-Maintenance Fort McCoy, one of four RTS-Maintenance organizations in the Army Reserve, is aligned under the 3rd Brigade, 94th Division of the 80th Training Command.

What have they done?
RTS-Maintenance Fort McCoy became a tenant activity at the installation in 1989. It provides year-round courses from the Noncommissioned Officer Education Courses, maintenance military occupational specialty skills training and additional skill identifier (ASI) instruction.

The organization has also trained personnel outside of Fort McCoy by sending mobile training teams to unit home stations.
RTS-Maintenance Fort McCoy has instructors with a wide range of maintenance experience and knowledge. The staff’s credentials helped the organization obtain the designation as an institution of excellence after receiving a perfect score during its reaccreditation process in 2009. The organization is the first Army Reserve maintenance organization to receive a perfect score.

RTS-Maintenance had its most-recent accreditation review in July. The unit is anticipating receiving the Army Enterprise Accreditation designation from the Combined Arms Support Command.

What do they have planned?
RTS-Maintenance Fort McCoy held a change-of-command ceremony July 20. The outgoing commandant, Maj. Matthew Jenkins, passed command to the new commandant, Maj. Victor McGee.

The organization will continue to provide excellent training to servicemembers in the mechanical maintenance field.

Why are they important?
The training provided by RTS-Maintenance at Fort McCoy is important to Soldiers in the maintenance field because it teaches skills that are valuable during training and deployments such as air conditioning repair, vehicle recovery, and laundry system repair. RTS-Maintenance also helps Soldiers fulfill required training such as that for the SAMS-E computer program, which is required training for all reserve-component maintenance Soldiers being mobilized and deployed. The organization first offered the course in fiscal year 2008.

The organization also is one of only two Army Reserve RTS-Maintenance facilities that offers the Warrior Chemical Equipment Repairer Course, and ASI – Laundry Advanced System Repair/Operation Course.

RTS-Maintenance Fort McCoy has more than 100 permanently assigned end-items to aid in training. Included are an Abrams Tank, Heavy Equipment Tactical Transporter, Tactical Quiet Generators, the Family of Modern Tactical Vehicles, the Laundry Advanced System with the Containerized Batch Laundry, as well as the latest SAMS-E software.

For more information about RTS-Maintenance, call 608-388-3938.

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