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July 27, 2012


‘Solving the People Puzzle’ seminar provides relationship insights

Personnel from Fort McCoy, the Combined Support Training Exercise (CSTX) and the local communities gathered July 18 at Chapel 1 to learn about relationships in order to share their experience across a broad spectrum of viewpoints.

Garrison Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Allen Raub said he organized the seminar entitled “Solving the People Puzzle,” to figuratively allow people to put together the thousands of pieces of an unsolved puzzle to help define their relationships at home, work, school and church. The idea to host the seminar at Fort McCoy evolved from his experience as a chaplain at Fort Dix, N.J., he said.

PHOTO: Ward Cushman presents the “Solving the People Puzzle” seminar. Photo by Rob Schuette
Ward Cushman presents the “Solving the People Puzzle” seminar to attendees in Chapel 1. (Photo by Rob Schuette)

“The seminar helped people learn how to work together with other people,” Raub said. “The training helped people explore and strengthen their relationships and discover themselves and their personality.”

The seminar began as a unit ministry team event to provide training to the military chaplain personnel at Fort McCoy for CSTX and for the tenant activities. Raub said he decided to open it up to the Fort McCoy community and the civilian parishes as room and resources were identified.

Raub said the event brought more than 60 people together and helped support the Army Community Covenant program concept to foster and sustain effective state and community partnerships with the Army to improve the quality of life for Soldiers and their Families, both at their current duty stations and as they transfer to other states or return to their home stations.

Ward Cushman, a guest presenter, conducted and facilitated the seminar, which is part of the Walk Thru the Bible seminar series. Cushman said he has taught this course for 25 years and the core material has been very stable. Cushman instructs the seminars throughout the central United States. He has served in a variety of religious roles including pastor, missionary, consultant and school administrator.

“The goal of the seminar is to learn different isn’t bad in personalities,” Cushman said. “We need to value our differences and learn to modify our own behavior to get along better.”

People who recognize and appreciate the differences in others will learn they can use the differences to complement their efforts and successfully complete tasks or achieve goals, he said.

Chaplain (Capt.) Momo Larmena of the 805th Support Command, who is attached to the 181st Infantry Brigade, said he will use the material presented at the seminar in a three-fold fashion.

“As I reservist I can take it back and share it with my unit members, and also with my Family and in my civilian career,” Larmena said.

Spc. Kimothy Hill of the 801st Combat Support Hospital of Fort Sheridan, Ill., said he appreciated the opportunity to attend the training.

The training was enlightening and everyone involved in leadership and personal relationships should attend a similar course, Hill said.

Staff Sgt. Vonda Wallace and Spc. Jowharah Peters of the 801st said it was a great leadership-building course and helped them understand their personalities and relate better with others.

“It helped attendees better understand themselves and helped them better identify their Soldiers’ personality type so they are better able to guide them,” Wallace said.

Chaplain (Maj.) Ron Walters, the Training and Operations chaplain for the garrison Religious Support Office (RSO), said the seminar allowed participants to learn about their God-given strengths and talents and identify their ideal work environment and relationship needs.

“Participants also learned how to relate to difficult people and minimize tension in relationships and understand why people act the way they do,” Walters said. “They realized the freedom in being themselves and allowing others to be themselves as well.”

For more information about the seminar, visit the website www.walkthru.org/list-of-events/people-puzzle.

For more information about religious training opportunities in the Fort McCoy community, contact the RSO at 608-388-3528.

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